Wednesday 13 October 2010


Words on a postcard, words on an envelope. Words handwritten in between words printed. Words coming through mailbox, in magazines, newspapers. Words on the radio. So many words put together, always a new meaning. Words through a phone, making me laughing.

For the words handwritten, I made a box to keep them safe. Knitting while layers of paint are drying. Small birds of summer forests have moved to the town and are now seeking for winter food in balconies and yards. No breadcrumbs, but maybe a pocketful of seeds secretly to the lilacs bushes of the yard (which is strongly forbidden).

Warm Wednesday thoughts,

Anna Emilia


  1. oh your knitting looks very sweet. I think I have recognized some well-known flowers in your little box... ? :) Have a lovely end of week Anna!

  2. I love the illustration your working on, how you texture the swan with tiny little dots.
    P.s. I never knew there was a giant broccoli in the Aegean sea.

  3. that knitting is so beautiful! and i love the broccoli stamp. :)

  4. It is illegal to feed birds?
    treasure boxes everywhere and what a pleasure to delve into it by chance or need!
    ("unter" says auditor , even without the "h" is not my thing!)

  5. Dear Alexandra,

    So many memories and beautiful words in it (:


    Dear Flora,

    You saw the little flowers in the box very well (: Good night!


    Dear Jennifer,

    Actually it is not my illustration. It is a postcard I got from a friend. But I wish I had done it (:

    A broccoli in The Aegean sea is a new kind of plant (:


    Thank you dear Whitney! (:


    Dear Sandra,

    It is illegal to feed birds in this house. I guess the people does not want the birds to occupy the balconies. But I can do it secretly in the yard. Or in the town. Or in the forest. Or by the lake. Happy so!

  6. oh wow I love the blue knitting! What pattern do you use?? It's beautiful :)

  7. Dear Kerri-Ann,

    It is actually a combination of one grey and one light blue thread (: It is a pattern in Finnish called "pearl pattern", which is as simple as this:

    Hopefully you get your hands busy too with this, it is very relaxing!

    Happy weekend!

  8. I was moved by words today. One sentence in a book I was reading changed my entire day.