Monday 27 June 2011


Sometimes it is difficult to believe that all the colors have been painted into this season. All different colors, all together in harmony. All mixed. When the morning rises or the evening sets, a bit lighter, a bit like behind a mist. Or behind a real mist. All the wonderful colors with moving shadows in shapes of clouds or trees or house corners. Or then all the wonderful colors with bright light, almost blind.

Colors, but the tones change all the time.

Slowly digesting the quick season. What a strength there is in blooming from a seed to a plant and fruits or berries.

A hot sunny week has started. Greetings from a shore with a book, from where I just bicycled home after the sun disappeared behind a forest hill. Night sky. Pink, orange, yellow, white and blue to the other side, if you turn your head. And that light blue continues and then again white, yellow, orange and pink before the Earth begins.

Have a calm new week. Good night.

P.s. Thank you ever so much for your orders, once again. Some items are now sold out, but if you would like to have still some of them, please let me know. Sweet all of you with emails, comments and just visiting here. Thank you!

Friday 24 June 2011


Seven flowers, from seven different meadows for you to put under your pillow. A bit of Midsummer Eve´s charms middle of puffy clouds, some sunshine, probably more rain, hopefully a bonfire and a ball middle of birch trees.

Happy Midsummer to you, thank you so much for being here!
Many hearts.

(Details from different paintings.)

Sunday 19 June 2011


1.30 am passing a lake between Rovaniemi and Sodankylä, all silent. A northern town after many reindeers, one white reindeer, curvy Downy Birches, rivers and a sun like a huge pink balloon hanging too low middle of the night. Circus tents filled with movies. The coldest wind middle of a hot day from the Arctic Sea.

Before, at grandmother´s. Flowers in the early summer mornings. A cuckoo that sang 60 times. Swimming in the forest pond at midnight.

Mid summer, what a magical moment.

Happy beginning week to everyone there, good night too.

Thursday 9 June 2011


A small house, just the size for a humble ladybird from paper scraps. Was thinking of north, of Lapland where I will travel next week. But it is more a house for a humble ladybird than a Sami tent.

An evening walk in sunset. A pink evening walk. It has been very warm. Hot. Working behind closed curtains during days and reading a book by the arboretum shore about building a shed in the evenings. Then on the way home a longer path till the sun sets. Today in the allotment garden, where two grannies were marveling at all the blooming in their white pajamas. Lilacs scenting everything.

See you in the week of Midsummer bonfires. Summer whispers from me to you.

P.s. Hopefully showing you soon a new picture for a nice project.

Sunday 5 June 2011


Everything is blooming. Fields and forests, evening sky, night sky, balcony. On Friday also my mailbox with far-away mail. Thank you so much dear Daniela and Nathan! Thank you everyone for coming here.

Seagulls for daddy middle of birch trees.

On a windy weather the lake turns from dark blue to brown. Today it is all silent and calm. A rowing boat is passing my home, I wave behind a lavender bush.

Tea and darkest chocolate, have a good Sunday!