Wednesday 27 March 2013


The spring is on its tiptoes. Full moon. Ice crackling under steps. The city filled with daffodils.

Castles, knights, towers, a forest dressing room and more tiptoeing for a brochure for the magical ballet Raymonda in a huge opera house Teatro alla Scala in Milano. 

Did you ever dance ballet? For a while I was a little ballerina in a sea turquoise dress. Still when I can smell one specific soap, my ballet teacher comes to my mind and my posture gets a little bit straighter. Her red long hair while dancing, were wild.

Blue-skied greetings!

Monday 18 March 2013


Last night, after sauna, wrapping back to warm woollen clothes. Outside wild bright green fires were dancing on the night sky. The Northern Lights. Revontulet, fires of the fox. Old beliefs say that a fox is wiping the snow with its tail in the sky.

Monday, mánudagur, Moon Day. Beautiful sunny days. Beautiful Moonlit nights.

Have a sweet calm new week!

(The second and third photos are crops of photos by S. in Iceland a long time ago.)

Monday 11 March 2013


I dream. I think that dreams take us further, they make us to do and feel. Dreams comfort us. Dreams make us happy and to understand our life. They reflect our lives. Dreams can be small or big. I can dream of a cup of tea or of a neighbourhood without sad faces. Dreams are moments, they come and go. We try to reach them. They lead us. 

Dreams can be of a better tomorrow or a longer health. Still they don´t need to change anything. We can dream that this moment continues. We should have the same rights and possibilities to dream of the same things, we should be equal when dreaming and trying to fulfil them.

Even though I do not sign any specific religion or ideology, I think that I have a dream is one of the most beautiful sentences that we have on this earth. 

I Dream poster in the small online shop.

I Have A Dream was originally the title of a public speech by American activist Martin Luther King, Jr to call for an end to racism in the United States. 

The sun shines. Late afternoon coffee break on my balcony wrapped in a big woollen blanket, warmed by the sun. The freezing evening is already crawling in and the first daffodils should be taken in for the night.

Happy dreaming!