Sunday 27 February 2011


During daytime. Warmth, present palette, a moment after afternoon nap (with piece of birthday licorice), the last sun rays and how they reach further corners of this home each day. Softness, movement, dreams and how the days are already so long.

Thank you dearly for your emails, comments and orders! Days hum so gently with you all.

A cup of tea and a few brush strokes to your Sunday and the starting week.

Tuesday 22 February 2011


It is the sound of water and the color changes of it that I miss during winters when everything is frozen. A rainbow, or a small sector of it, was seen before sunset on Friday above all the snow.

These photos are from Iceland from the years 2004 and 2005. The weekend and its smiling faces made me to travel back to the treasure island Iceland in my thoughts while listening stories from other places, from other views, from other adventurers. I think that the girl in these pictures is a bit smaller than the girl behind the keyboard, but the adventurer has been always the same. And the anticipator of the spring.

The yellow scarf was crocheted while waiting for the spring. The jacket was sewn during one weekend while being sure that the spring was already knocking on the door. Knocking on the door were also two of my traveler brothers from India and Germany when they always surprised me by calling that they will be behind my door in an hour or so. So they were and we had long walks to a mountain with a small waterfall or by the sea on black sand beach. The next mornings they always visited at my work in the kindergarten and the children were happy to have new horses to play with.

Morning break greetings with color green and yellow to your Tuesday.

Friday 18 February 2011


Thank you so much for your birthday wishes!

Sunny weekend greetings from my painting table.


Wednesday 16 February 2011


The weather was exactly like today 28 years ago, told my mother on the phone.

In the morning I cut pecan nuts very fine, mixed them with soft dates and coconut flakes and pinch of salt. Covered a pan with it. Mixed frozen strawberries, half an avocado and coconut flakes and poured over the nut-crust. A circle of raspberries and a dotted circle of blueberries. To the freezer. Forgotten there.

To town. Today I took the bus. Walked around, had a coffee reading the newspaper. Bought olives and salad. Wished that olive trees grew here.

In the bus, grandmother called. Viiru was sleeping by her side while we talked. Grandfather read newspaper. The bus got packed of home-goers. First time that I took the bus home, the first stop after the first traffic lights by the lake.

Sliced, peeled, cut, chopped, sprouted a salad of cucumber, celery, green lentil sprouts, cantaloup melon, pea sprouts. Roasted seeds, olives. A pie of trumpet chanterelles, onion, bell pepper, tomatoes, soya cream. Bread with olive paste.

Ate well with friends. Not before that I remembered the cake. It was frozen, but good with whipped oat cream. More than half left.

A piece for you with a cup of chamomile tea.

Monday 14 February 2011


Today, how good it was to feel you being very cold (-25°C as bicycling to the town). Today, how good it was to feel you being very warm (tee shirt warm, in the afternoon by painting table as the sun shone through the windows). Today, how beautiful you painted the horizon just now during sunset.

Warm secret wishes!

Saturday 12 February 2011


Old sheets ripped to strips. Trousers, shirts, all white. Already with holes, grandmother sewed them. Jute thread and cotton jersey. Grandmother´s loom is built at home, mother starts to weave carpets for my home. Home here and there, everywhere I visited. But mostly there by the fire and forests.

Afternoon walk to the still sleeping summerhouse. Snow up to knees, sun peeking while setting down. Train brought back to the town for a painting weekend. Still a few stretches before mixing the first colors of the spring.

Thoughts of golden beams to your weekend.

Wednesday 9 February 2011


Warm Wednesday evening greetings from a house with fire in the oven, sauna warming up and snowflakes floating behind windows. A small February trip to fields and forests.

At home, during the previous days, flowers grew towards the light, I kept painting. In between my bicycle took me through all the snow to see a few wonderful movies (1 & 2). During nights the spring came closer. Birds sang wild in the darkness of the mornings while fetching newspaper from the mail box.

Dear Jane included me to her Where we blog from series. Thank you so much Jane!

Thank you once again also for your emails, comments, orders and even letters of the last weeks! They do make my heart to dance.

February hearts.

Wednesday 2 February 2011


Hello dear February,

A little bit of sun, a little bit of clouds. Like a mixture of fresh grape fruit and some whipped (oat) cream, the sun beams loose some of their color when traveling through the clouds. But gives everything a new feeling. Color of a reflection on the snow or a color of a pine tree bark behind a frost layer. And then as a surprise a bit of bright blue spring sky, almost bitter in tone.

Tea moments of this house are now scented like an exotic summer day in a far-away garden. Dear Maria sent a surprise of a lavender scent. Every time my teapot gets hot from now on, smiles are flying to Australia. Thank you, danke schön liebe Maria! Tea and lavender, two favorite things.

An article about a mother who gets depressed after giving birth, with my pictures in the new issue of Kaksplus magazine. A cure: chocolate.

For me, green tea, lavender and dark chocolate in between pencil lines and brush strokes.

For you, hearts.