Tuesday 30 March 2010


Mornings start this week with a new layer of snow and its disappearance before the noon. Evenings are full of fog and rain drops, mellow soundscapes, vanished colors. March is tricking.

Between discarded cotton paper piles patterns are hiding. Between patterns hide treasures. Between a gift, an old book, hide big leaves which someone has picked up from gigantic trees in Germany decades ago. I wonder if those trees are still breathing and making pure air for us.

It smells jasmine here, tea is brewing. A cup of tea to you too and then a bicycle trip to the town!

Sunday 28 March 2010


A jackdaw is giving a speech in a birch tree. Seagulls are back in the town, I heard them singing too on Friday over the market place. Bicycle is washed and shining. It felt like flying last night with the first trip over the hills pedaling.

A small bear cub is awake for the spring. He is a birthday gift for a small boy, ordered by his parents from me. This bear cub has been playing a long time with the spring already, starting to bloom branches himself too.

This Sunday could be a day to bake something soft, salty and round. Have you been baking something lately?

From a yellow sofa, cross-legged, tea-handed and happy-minded I wish sweet melodies for your Sunday!

Wednesday 24 March 2010


Hello dear sunny Wednesday,

You gave me a slow morning and a slow day. I gave you a long slow walk and daffodils. You showed me again the two bunnies in the allotment garden which I made scared and to run away in different directions. (Let´s hope they meet each others again.) I showed you how also an afternoon can be very relaxing and you make me now to work the whole evening. You gave me the scent of firewood burning in a fireplace in the nearby houses and I opened the balcony door to get that feeling of warmth also here inside, a scent of home. I made you leek-potato —soup and you made me a beautiful sunset. I played you some nice music and you hummed along as cars on the streets nearby. Happy to have you here dear Wednesday, let´s have some warm moments again next week!

Anna Emilia

Sunday 21 March 2010


Hello dear Sunday,

There are letters to be sent and letters received. Smiles are formed with every envelope dropping from the mailbox and every email and every comment of yours, thank you! A proof of spring, yesterday was the day to use the spring jacket first time on a very delighting long rainy walk. Drip drop, said the rain.

There is a volcano erupting in Iceland. Heart beats fast for it. Sometimes the nature is slow, like the winter ending and the spring beginning here. Sometimes the nature is surprising and quick, after making up new plans serenely, almost being forgotten. Where the orange and yellow lava now flows (1 & 2) I was hiking back in 2005 and met a very dear friend the very first time. He sat on his knees in the grass and glaciers surrounded us. Hopefully it stays as a very brittle eruption.

There is a hint of yellow in the horizon behind the grey clouds. Cloudberry jam is very bright yellow on my pancakes for a late coffee break (but that is what Sundays are for, aren´t them?). Have you seen something yellow lately?

I am so happy to have you here visiting.
Have a comfortable beginning for the new week!

Wednesday 17 March 2010


This was supposed to be a winter picture, but all in a sudden it feels more like spring and like a sea with its whirls of waves. Sea makes me to think of a wise author and a translator, who travelled with cargo ships over the seas and oceans working the same time. She said how important it is to know how to swim and how important it is to trust that the water carries us when thinking about life. That is good to remember.

Finally I am launching my own company. It is still some time to wait for all the paper work. There will be a small online shop too. I think some twigs are tickling inside my tummy because it is too early and cold for butterflies.

Lovely time: a new beginning, spring, sunset, middle of the week and just before dinner.
Enjoy this moment!

Saturday 13 March 2010


Branches and the sun are tickling my window. The balcony door is ajar all day, buds appear in a vase, arugula grows greener, bigger leaves every moment. It is a film festival in the town, a slice of broccoli-olive pie on a plate and mandarin green tea in my cup. In the evening some concerts and tomorrow a new painting.

How is your weekend?
Street lamps were just turned on behind the lake. Happy sunset, happy weekend!

Tuesday 9 March 2010


Hello mountains,
hello green color!

It is all white in here still, but the streets have melt. At home I found some photos in green. The first image is taken on a rainy road from a car. A magician´s car. He was a very kind one. Only because he never had been in Ísafjörður, he and his friend decided to drive us there. Next morning they had to be gone when we woke up, but then they told that maybe they want to drive us even a bit further. We saw seals bathing in the sun. Late afternoon they continued their journey and we stayed over the night sleeping next to a big waterfall. Next morning we met two travelers who took us to a ferry and then further to a glacier. There we slept another night.

The last two pictures are from Dalvík, "Valley Bay". Up to the mountains I walked many times. There the sounds were so far and soft, long continuous echo of cars and the sea humming together. The wind very straight but not as strong as I thought. Birds singing to show me where to walk, not near to their nests. A small waterfall coming from the glacier hurrying down to the sea.

All the shades of green,

Anna Emilia

Friday 5 March 2010


Good morning dear you,

Last night I was painting till very late. When I woke up this morning again, a forest surrounded pond with a big rock in the middle had appeared on my table. I just needed to shovel some snow away to show also the tree trunks.

It surely looks like spring here now, the sun appeared too. Small birds sing a happy melody. A perfect timing, I am packing my small bag to have a walk in the sun, step in to a train for a weekend trip through even more snowy forests to my parents in the East. I think there might be many landscapes like this unplanned forest pond on the way. Eager to see what the weather paints on my way.

Have a lovely weekend dear all of you!

Monday 1 March 2010


I got my long thought rain on Saturday night while walking in the town. It was the most gentle thing. It takes always a while to understand it really rains with those fragile drops.

Today I have everything around me. Right tones of watercolors, good brushes, clean water, strawberry juice and tea, a plan, a few blooming plants, piano music, a good book and a magazine and lots of soft cotton paper. Mr. Crow singing on the birch tree behind the balcony and you all there behind your screens.

It is a good beginning for March. I wish the same for you.