Friday 30 April 2010


Hello dear rainy Friday,

Here I write for you and wish that you are well.

The week here has been a soft one, with three new paintings and many many cups of tea. Sewing a little and bicycling far. Dreaming of adventures, stretching and reading. Learning, giving more space for thoughts.

Mr Fox appeared early this week on the yard. I bicycled home under a sunset after taking a friend to his train. Mr Fox ate something under the lilac bushes, I was surprised and he just very calm. Beautiful your suit, Mr Fox!

Perhaps an afternoon walk now, to fetch some balcony flowers. Would you like to join me under an umbrella?

Happy weekend dear all of you!

Monday 26 April 2010


Teatime of the afternoon. Blend of verbena, jasmine, melissa. Watching painted areas to dry, from shiny to matte, from dark to pale. When the sun shines on the table, colors dry fast, makes hands to hurry, mind happy. For the afternoons the sun hides to the other side of the house, today behind clouds. I think it is all right, the table is on full bloom of roses anyway. Birch branches are dancing the dance of soon rising buds. Mr. Crow with his super shiny tail is sitting on those dancing branches. We seem to like to watch the same happenings on the yard. Pigeons, postman and dogs.

Roses to you!

Thursday 22 April 2010


Happy dear Thursday,

It is very cloudy and the wind keeps on singing with a strong voice through the grayness. Maybe he is missing the sun too these days. But the first lunch was eaten on my balcony some days ago when it still was warm and yellow light all around. Freckles on their way on my nose.

A new allotment hut appeared next to the two older ones. I already wondered what it is all the banging and ruckus outdoors. It is probably a studio of mine, my company name was approved this week and it is simply Anna Emilia. Whenever there will be a break in the commission works I am doing, I promise to work more on the online store which you have been eagerly asked about lately. Thank you for all the comments, emails and letters dear all of you, they keep me going and I am happy to answer them!

Today I am very hungry. Luckily there is a big kettle of summer soup. What will you eat today?

Have a delightful evening!

Monday 19 April 2010


Greetings from sunny Tallinn!

A rainbow´s two ends were guarding the sea trip. The wind was gentle, hems of dresses flew a bit up and down while walking in the pastel town. Sweet Ulla showed me treasures of teashops, a photography museum, a flea market and their always so beautiful home with two cats. It is such a beautiful country, the language is like singing, very melodic.

Today, early morning with painting, early lunch after a weekend food consisting mainly of roasted almonds. Bicycling for noon tea to the town in a small harbor. Happy sunny day, happy sunny week!

Friday 16 April 2010


The little one seems to be a bit lost. He made his way to Germany this week. Maybe he is listening to the black birds or waiting for the rain there. Or checking the volcano eruption sending greetings to the whole North Europe as a cloud of ash. Fire and smoke has always been the scent of home for me. Love back to you Iceland, I still miss you!

Flora sent me a heart-warming letter. More work came from South Finland. And a package of vanillin scent from the treasure island Iceland.

A small bag is packed. I am on my way to Tallinn.

Love to your weekend!

(P.s. If my site is down during the weekend, please come back next week! Workers are busy transforming it to a new comfortable home.)

Tuesday 13 April 2010


The small allotment garden and their huts are finally awake in my neighbor. Yesterday the first small yellow flower popped on my bicycle trip there. An older woman was carrying a pile of cut branches inside her fences and asked if I am on my way to work too (in one of the gardens). "I am just a passer-by adoring these small yards. And searching for the first flowers of the spring. I saw one, the very first one, just behind me." "Oh you did? That is a happy thing. I go to see it too."

This morning I built my own allotment huts. They are flood-safe. Maybe also seacoast safe. Mountain safe for sure! But to nail better I need to learn, because I am not sure these are rain- or windproof though. Maybe sealing them better would do. (Other huts: 1, 2, 3.)

Dear Shokoofeh, thank you so much for the award of Tea, flowers and sunshine! These pictures are for you, maybe one day we can drink tea together in a real allotment garden of mine (:

Thursday 8 April 2010


Spring calls for long walks with provisions in pockets. (Nuts, dried berries and fruits, an apple, strawberry juice. Three small pieces of dark chocolate.) To see who is the most brave to show a hint of green first. Trees or flowers from the ground. Spring also calls to stay home, to paint eagerly while black lover birds whisper their greetings through an open balcony door. Spring calls to realize late in the night that a new day comes and painting and the bird songs can also continue tomorrow. Spring calls as a sound of rain and new wings flying to the roof, I guess it is a big blind date centrum there for birds. Spring also calls just to stay in the moment and watch the light changing.

These pictures are from the year 2007. The spring I stayed in Finland and the summer in Iceland. There were many streets to walk. Many rainy days to read comics under strange light blue NATO-blankets. And a friend tickling my soles.

Happy Thursday! Happy walks!

Tuesday 6 April 2010


While eating blueberry pie, I wrote some new plans to a list that I keep. Ideas, commissions, dreams, places to visit. Things to paint, things to read, people to contact. Things for now, tomorrow and forever. Sew a jacket or Learn always. Things done become crossed, amount of marks which never will be finished is growing. Visit lighthouses. Have a walk. Paint.

Happpy new week!

Friday 2 April 2010


These are the places I dream about today. A waterfall joining a river and running down to the sea, babbling on its way. Wind very gentle. Secret huts and a small bridge. Caressed by round mountains around and a hint of snow to make everything fresh. Afternoon nap in Meadow buttercups.

Here sunset has arrived, snow melts quicker every moment, a rabbit eats seeds by an oak in the safety of the arrived darkness, sauna is warming up and tummy is filled with berries, fruits and tea. Have a good long weekend!

(The last picture taken by Heikki.)