Monday 4 October 2010


There is a secret message between a wall dividing our rooms at our parent´s. It is written on a piece of a cross-ruled paper with a pencil and it was a try of our safe plan if another one of us would become bored with friends visiting. I have forgotten what that message says, but it was supposed to be a secret help shout to the other one to come and rescue the situation. "It is just a sound of a mouse", when pushing a note to the other side of the wall. Next time I will pull it from that secret hole and read it again.

Weekend was a pretty one, mist layering everything most of the times. Relatives, food and sauna in the darkness. In candle light, wrapped in towels with lady relatives, we sat outside of the sauna. In a sudden all the chatter was gone. A lonely swan was crying while flying over the black lake. Something had to have happened to the bird as the voice was so sad. The saddest sound I heard in a long time. Maybe the bird´s loved one was gone.

The timber summer house was snoring, I slept with earplugs on.

Happy new week, sounds and scents of a moss green forest!

(Second picture taken by my brother.)


  1. Anna Emilia, such a beautiful post...I like so much finding little notes, drawings or letters when I was little..I see or read them and and know exactly how I was thinking back then..and I smile..because memories or situations come is great to have such treasures....
    Have a lovely Monday...I am listening to the sound of Spring..the excitement which is in the air....Maria

  2. maybe it was the swan's 'swan song'? that's meant to be beautiful but very sad. too sad to think of.

    there's such a lovely cold mist in these photos. I wish my family had a summer house!

  3. well received your sounds and scents of green moss forests but are a bit lost in a Parisian apartment, so I put in my head warm ...
    only daughter, I'm still a little emotional complicity (and fights) brothers and sisters

  4. what beautiful toadstools:
    fairy like:
    lush green moss:
    golden leaves:
    I like it:

  5. Oh! Such a beautiful post. SO beautiful.

  6. Those mushrooms and forest photos are simply magical.
    I wish I had a secret note stashed in a wall to find and remember a day in the past.

    Very beautiful post.

  7. Your weather diary always brings me peace.

  8. lovely photos and lovey post. i wonder if the swans cry wasn't really sad but perhaps only sad to our human ears. i do hope it was ok x

  9. Such beautiful photos and blog!!!! Hope you are having a wonderful week too.

  10. Dear Maria,

    It is very funny to read those small notes. Most of them I cannot remember doing. But I remember that once I sent a drawing to a radio show. They sent me a turquoise t-shirt as a present back. It was winter, but I wanted to wear that shirt. Over a white long sleeved one. Hopefully the spring comes gently to you!


    Dear Natalie,

    Maybe it was. Heartbreaking anyway. Sad enough to make everything to stop.

    This summer house was a rented one as we wanted to make it easy for everyone to reach it. A nice change in a new place. I wish you get to some summer house soon!


    Dear Sandra,

    Hopefully those scents and sounds can be found inside your apartment soon again.

    It is funny how surprised some people are (like me) when they hear that a person they knew for a while tells about siblings of hers/his. It feels like a piece of the person is hidden inside the sibling.


    Dear Chocolate Girl,

    Happy that you enjoyed! It was very good to have you here to exchange a piece of chocolate to a cup of tea (:


    Dear Ciara,

    Thank you so much. It is lovely to find out what surrounds this town, when following some very curvy and hilly forest roads.


    Thank you dear Jacilyn,

    A small piece of paper makes things more concrete, but for sure does not compete with other memories without any real item. Close your eyes, and surely you will remember something (:

    Happy moments of remembering to you!


    Dear Denise,

    Very very happy to know that. It is good to keep on.


    Dear Handmade Romance,

    Thank you for telling me, maybe the swan was just having its regular evening flight indeed. It just marked my mind, that beautiful big bird flying so lightly over the blackest black scene.

    Have a good Wednesday!


    Dear Anabel,

    Thank you so much. Happy to have you visiting all the way from Costa Rica.

  11. a fairytale forest and sweet you.

  12. I was stopped in my browsing tracks at the first photo of the red speckled mushroom! At first I thought it was 1 meter high, and the work of an artist who wanted a giant friend for the little baby red capped mushrooms, but on closer perusal realized it was a very good closeup! Good Trompe L'Oeil!

  13. your blog is gorgeous in pictures, words and thoughts!

  14. Dear you,
    I love your blog and your work!