Wednesday 29 September 2010


Rattle of fallen leaves in the wind. Bicycle tire banging into footpath, dark grey asphalt with sand here and there. Traffic lights peeping. Warm hug of a friend and a smile welcoming. Coffee house door opening, closing and opening again with a little sound of a humble bell. Hot drinks outdoors, café owner comes to wrap us to blankets like her own children. Spoons circling around inside the cups. Passer-bys with strong taps or lighter thumps. A boy like dancing with his school bag, a light soul, no homework.

Back to home in wind, meetings of other bicycles, red, black, grey ones on the way. Breaks of the bus number 15 make familiar rhythm in crossroads. Like the game that I played when I was smaller, always going home, eyes closed in a car, guessing in which curve we are.

Home, paper rattles, pencil lines. Water boiling. Knife cutting apples. Evening walk, sun is silent, vegetation is silent, turning yellow red purple pink. Only a few lost bees clattering inside bushes and crows cawing on lamp posts showing their area. Bowing deep, like doormen with fine top hats.

Bows and curtseys, happy morning!

Monday 27 September 2010


Hello beautiful Monday,

Nice to have you here. A morning with some frosty grass. Orange sunshine waking up, coloring a line of a cloud bright pink and then melting the frost layer on the grass.

Weekend, filled with smiles. Nothing could have been better than someone waiting me to arrive at the train station and taking me around the town, through a beautiful graveyard to a sea café with a bonfire. To movies, to eat and to a concert. To meet two more friends. Someone who first time fetched me away from Iceland and another who makes very beautiful music. And then the one after everything walks me to the bus station very late in the night. Thank you for the evening sweet D., J., and O.!

Sunday, the whole day outdoors. Bicycling, an outdoor flea market, friends and café, friends and lunch, friends and bicycling up a hill, friends and tea. On the way home I made the journey a bit longer and read a bit on the beach of the arboretum, the sun was still warming. When the evening came, I drew. This morning it was lit with lace.

Dear Justine has collected some of my watercolor paper scrap constructions into her world of paper and folds. Thank you so much for your kind words Justine!

Whiskers of the tickling sun to you,

Anna Emilia

Wednesday 22 September 2010


Dear Wednesday, dear you,

How are you?

Bicycling under rain showers, wind gusts and very grey clouds. I wonder what those are humming on their way. Where do they start and where do they end. Orange, yellow, red and purple are clothing trees and bushes. Dots of these colors are glued to the streets. Polka dots of leaves. Early mornings are very dark and breakfast can be eaten in a candle light. Sometimes just after the paper woman has dropped the newspaper of the day. Yesterday I asked what the rain does in my shoes on my way in the town. I thought to own the shoes but seems the rain rented them away.

Thank you once again for your comments and emails. They are always a surprise to make me smile.

News of today, Forest Tearoom is a print and available in my shop. A painting from the summer, Apple Blossom Meadow is also available again as a print. Many have also asked about my original paintings. Yes they are also for sale, many are already sold. Please send an email to me if you are interested.

Whispers of the wind and lunctime love,

Anna Emilia

Saturday 18 September 2010


Time to hide from rain and cold days. To make a fire in the fireplace (or smell the fire from the neighbors´). Walk in forests to see how everything yawns, repairing themselves for a long sleep. Just mushrooms are about to wake up. In a corner of a small forest and near a tiny pond is this tent, would it be fine as a roof for the autumn?

This tent is part of Small magazine´s Small draw project. You can download the image, print it and color it together with the small of yours (or why not yourself too). A few pages about my work on page 29 till 32. Thank you Olivia and Christine for including my work to your beautiful magazine!

Saturday baking, (my own translation from ohraryynirieska) vegan barley galette is in the oven. A slice with margarin and then ready to bicycle to the town. To smell the cold air.

Stay warm and smiling.

Tuesday 14 September 2010


Rain either with water or bird feathers from the roof-neighbors. A tent for keeping toes dry. Woken by crows while they had a-very-serious-sounding-meeting to realize that it was a moment of sunshine, indeed. But only for a moment. Now an afternoon tea with some rays of sun, reflecting like surface of a lake on the wall. Table light is turned on again otherwise.

Have a warm afternoon break.

Monday 13 September 2010


Pouring this morning. Like curtains hanging all over outside. Curtains of cold invisible pearls.

Sewing, organizing files, bookkeeping, sketching. Landscape is visible on some glances, disappeared on the next ones. On Saturday I was sitting on a bench in the arboretum for a long time, talking with a new friend (carrying a typewriter). Soundtrack for our conversations was a circus on the other side of the lake Pyhäjärvi, trumpets and drums echoing sometimes from very close, sometimes from another worlds. Yellow leaves covering more and more the paths to walk.

Found old work hiding, called "Lauantaina". It was a project about emotion of Saturday in autumn 2006 in LHÍ. A cardboard box filled with soft crocheted woolen socks, a brochure about small exercises to increase the feeling of relaxation and postcards with stamps and envelopes to make friends happy. You can see my presentation about the progress here.

Monday, I wish that it is treating you well.

Anna Emilia

Tuesday 7 September 2010


Early sunrises with mystical mist. It hides everything, the world ends behind the balcony if being early enough, tiptoeing to wake up with the mist. One can imagine that the balcony is a boat, drifting on an open sea, in an unknown world. Where would it crash?

Stretching while tea water boils. Breakfast of blueberries, raspberries, apples from an apple garden next to a yellow house, and seeds. Bread of my mother. Stretching a bit more and then eating with a huge newspaper on the floor. Mailman is very kind, I never ordered the newspaper.

Painting. Packing books. Having tea in the square market café when dropping the parcels to the post office. Talking about the pollen of bees with a bearded man selling honey in another square market. Another tea in the market hall with a lingonberry-lover-boy and his mother to prolong the visit in the town. The sun shines lower than a few weeks ago and turns everything in copper. Streets filled with chatter again, is it the new season making people happy?

Old work published in a book, finally arrived. A letter from a dear friend is read many many times. Can you see the crocodile under the bear? Hugs to dear both of you U & V, a letter will arrive to you soon.

Hugs to everyone else too, have a happy Tuesday!

Friday 3 September 2010


Good morning dear all of you,

Wind is making somersaults and blowing in cold whispers. Light has vanished from early mornings. The first layer of yellow leaves is softening steps on afternoon walks. Evenings come with a candle light.

My book, Proof of Winter is added to the shop. “I started to battle against winter because I wanted to be friends with it. ...As preparation I cut a wind-proof haircut. Wherever it would blow from now, my hair would not be on my face.” More pictures of the book in my Flickr.

Have a small walk in the forest and find to my small tearoom. Have a cup of tea and enjoy the landscape and the warmth of firewood with me. Have a good September, have a happy weekend!