Tuesday 31 May 2011


Just blowing a little bit of magic to your dreams from my evening walk.

Good night, sleep tight!

P.s. Happy June!

Friday 27 May 2011


Friday afternoon is for jazz, rhubarb pie and planting an avocado with small leaves into a pot. It is also going through photos of old times, winter and letters received. It is funny how "other" things feel comfortable in this kind of moment. Sun in the rain, rain in the sun. Now as waiting for the rain, it is like in-between everything. Wise man in the radio said this morning that it is not good to long for the past, but it is good to long for the future because of the beautiful memories in the past. It is good to have eaten a piece of rhubarb pie in the past to know that it was good and maybe I can have a small piece more now...? Wishing to share it with you.

There are two new prints in my shop:

In Meadow, Wood sorrel, Forget-Me-Not, Twinflower, Harebell and Meadow Pea are the scent of this small meadow. A few birch tree leaves, a handful of clovers and a gentle summer wind are here.

Bike Caravan, This small house is cleaned from winter´s dust, windows of it have been washed and polished and new carpets put on the floor. Some oil on the gears and chains and the trip with spring can start. Which curvy forest roads will we head to? Smoke from the chimney and laundry drying on the roof, those will be the only signs we leave behind. Every evening a new landscape to fall asleep with.

Both prints are on recycled 300 grams silk matte paper and will be signed by hand. In Meadow is a painting I did just a few weeks ago as an assignment, more about that soon. Bike Caravan is a painting from 2009 for an American clothing store. Hopefully you like them.

Will the rain come? I think to have seen a few drops, and the birds have stopped to fly above the lake.

Have a calm weekend.

Tuesday 24 May 2011


There was a small spring storm here. White peaks of waves in the lake, why the water changes the color so rapidly. Bicycling was possible inside a small forest where the trees were covering as walls. Glad about their long and strong roots. For a moment there was no asphalt as fallen branches had taken it all over. A lavender was bicycled from the town from smiling eyes.

Jalouse, a French magazine has a small post about the picnic of Sessun with my illustration in it. Thank you dearly Maikki, who saw it and kindly sent the magazine to me! The Meadow Picnic -painting is available also as a bag and a shirt.

Everything is calm again as quickly as the wind also rose. Night sky of light blue and orange. Summer sky is coloring my dreams.

Sleep tight!

P.s. One and two new prints in my shop. More about them soon!

Saturday 21 May 2011


Do you know how it feels to fly? In sunset the seagulls are covering the streets by the lake and you bicycle. When you reach the seagulls, they arise on their wings and float in the air next to you, accompanying your journey. They sing and it feels like the ground is gone, you only have sky around you and the seagulls as stars or far-away planets hanging in the air. You float too and the air is sweet, warm, and a bit moist of the coming night. That is how I felt last night about flying.

There are apple blossoms everywhere, on the way to anywhere. Bird Cherry is in full bloom too and the wind brings its scent from behind every corner.

Thank you again for your orders. Apple Blossom Meadow -print has been very popular and it feels good to have sent it to all around the world. I never thought it would reach so many homes of yours as I painted it last summer on a rainy day. Thank you so much!

Have a blue skied weekend.

Monday 16 May 2011


Waking up with a cuckoo singing, walking barefoot. Falling asleep inside a forest. Mother´s Day and a week at grandparents´. Old treasures, memories and many centimeters of growing color green.

Today raindrops are washing everything. Slowly. Clouds traveling behind the green horizon. Some looking like mountains, some like colorless reflections of forests and lakes. Upside-down. A blue line between them of darker clouds.

Have a mellow new week, with lots of golden circles around clouds.

Friday 6 May 2011


The lake is so blue these days. It is difficult to describe which kind of blue it is. A warm or cold, dark or covered with shadows of the waves in it. Or filled with sun rays. Shining and reflecting once in a while to the walls of this house. A spring blue, changing all the time.

It is warm again here. Time for having breaks outdoors. Some tea and fruits will always follow. This Meadow Picnic -illustration is for Sessun and their spring exhibition Chic Chic Chic, C'est Picnic. If you are in Paris between May 20th to June 11th, please go and have a picnic with them.

Based in South Africa, Nice Magazine has featured my work. It is wonderful to travel the world through all of you, your comments and emails. Thank you!

Blue skies and songs of seagulls to your weekend!

Monday 2 May 2011


Happy May, happy new week!

Days are growing very long, the light lasts till night. Colors grow from shadows and bird songs from still almost naked trees. A daily walk around the small lake is still getting greener every day. A green hue around tree tops is visible, but not yet that concrete.

On Saturday I had one coffee. It was not maybe done that well and drinking from a paper cup is more a feeling than an enjoyment, but the moment was special. The lady serving me was busy (but very happy) playing some local lottery game and the small tickets were just drawn the same time as I ordered my coffee. “White-green-striped 92.” Or, “Pink 58″. I did not know who won the hammock or the theater tickets, but the enthusiasm of flower-shirted ladies behind the coffee table with their tickets in front of them reminded me that those moments would not be forgotten even I had left my camera home.

Our Little Sea is a project by Emmi. It is about The Baltic Sea, which is in danger with eutrophication. This small sea is very pretty with its many tiny islands and the ice during the winter times. There are two paintings in this small zine by me and 19 other artists. One Euro for the protection work of The Baltic Sea is donated for each sold copy.

Half cloudy afternoon tea break greetings.
Be well.

(Cover of the zine in the second photo by Emmi.)