Sunday 22 September 2013


Home is where your heart is. Or your heart is where your home is. Fire burns where your home is, so your home is also where the fire burns. Home is filled with dreams and magic. Home is where it is nice to leave from, but even better to get back to. Sometimes a home is carried with you. A home on wheels.

It is my pleasure to show the first children's book that I illustrated: a poem about homes and different kinds of houses by Giovanna Zopoli, published by lovely Topipittori.

Home, hem, hjem, heim, Haus, casa, kodu, koti, domicile. All so different, but protecting and comforting. Such a big sorrow to loose a home. Such a force to build a new one. All the history of one house and its tenants. Our nests.

Maybe not such a big surprise anymore which kind is my dream home. Friends know it best: "You indeed would be a high and narrow, wooden one!" What kind of house you would like to be?

Thank you, grazie, Giovanna and Paolo for this wonderful journey through homes! 

The book, in Italian, is available here. Hopefully you enjoy!

Sunday, jazz playing in my radio. Sunny rain shower caressing windows. Candles burning, no hurry anywhere. Autumn favourite, pea soup boiling. Home is today filled with a light that has the hues of autumn. Brush strokes with the colour of warm orange and book reading moments on the sofa, wrapped in wool.

Calm autumn coloured Sunday wishes!

P.s. Almost one year ago.

Tuesday 17 September 2013


Observing glimmering particles with friends. Landscape like in space, twinkling everywhere.

Golden sunset fields through bus windows.

Emerald forests of magic.

Reading green scribbles on a glimmering beach.

Water reflections.

More soft woolly underwater carpets.

The wind was strong in a lighthouse that was middle of a city.

Peeking underground gardens.

Dinner by a windy landscape.

Now baskets full of mushrooms and lingonberries, warming fire and the comfort of its rattle. A few golden rays through tree trunks.

Calm forest greetings!

Monday 9 September 2013


Little travels with dear friends in the North Sea. Sunny, golden sparkles everywhere. Underwater carpets with gentle waves.

Peeking welcomers, white peaks.

Jules, a rescue seal welcoming on the shore. Almost as relaxed as a bit Northern cousin.

A bird island, a lighthouse island. A sunny island. A bunny island.

Golden towers, warm sea breaths.

Miniature forests.

And how it would look like when the sun sets and the storm starts. Fog signals on each end of the island.

Two lighthouses blinking. Messages through storms and darkness.

Still summer, though most of the birds had gone. A few swimmers, shags. A few swallows. Mostly silent.

Meadow island. Sea scents.

And a fresh water loch with a view. Golden glimmering everywhere.

Today the autumn arrived. Soft long sleeves, pitch black starry skies. Swimming in a lake watching the Milky Way. Happy September!