Tuesday 17 March 2015


This spring is filled with flora. Clovers, crocuses tied as grandmother's bouquet, apple blossoms blooming in Finnish fir forest. Meadows of green, forget-me-nots here and there. 

It is my pleasure to show you some of my paintings from a few years back in a new tableware collection for Narumi in Japan. It is a mix-and-match collection with bone china, with some glazed items and also with glass tumblers, the collection to be continued.

A new continent, a new big story to tell! Butterflies in my tummy! 

You can view all the items on Narumi's online store here, available now. Sorry only in Japanese!

Spring has been arriving lately with bright blue sky and warming golden sunshine. Tonight, maybe some Northern Lights appear. With a thermo bottle of hot tea and wrapped in wool I walk to stare the sky.

Arigato Narumi!

Happy spring!

(1st, 4th, 6th and 7th images by Narumi Corporation.)