Wednesday 27 April 2011


Good evening dear all you,

Can you hear them? The nightbirds are singing while the orange sun is sinking behind the lake and the town behind it. Sauna is warming up, I will stretch a bit and then go to throw some water to the hot stones of the sauna. Relaxing tonight. Hopefully you too.

My website is updated with a lot of new work. Hopefully you will enjoy it!

Thank you so much for your kind messages.

Good night, sleep tight, under a sky full of sweet lights!

Tuesday 26 April 2011


Dear all,

How are you? How is the season treating you?

Here, it came summer. At least for a few days. Summer birds are here, the lake melted in moments. Gentle waves are floating and water birds diving through them. Eating on the balcony, drinking tea on the grass. Visitors and many sunny moments. A cat visitor too. Sprouts of green mint, basilica and lavender are bending their heads towards the blue sky.

Back to brush strokes and sketching, with happy hands.

Have a good week.

Monday 18 April 2011


You made me speechless. Thank you for your kind comments. Thank you so much.

The spring really is finally here. Flowers. First coffees and teas outdoors, a little bit of reading too. All the time bicycling and seeing new corners. A small trip to see forests, fields, more lakes. The last heaps of snow. Ended up to a summerhouse with friends, where a small bonfire was made. In the bonfire the best coffee and the best bread, dark chocolate filled bananas. Scent of smoke, like home. "Where is home, there is fire. Where is fire, can surely be also a home," from Ronja the Robber´s Daughter. Ronja is screaming for the spring. I scream for the nature.

The ice in lakes is melting so quickly. Every day a few new hues in its color. Right now a grey turning to green. Yesterday a handful of ice in my hands was like the sharpest gems, formed by rain and sun.

Windy greetings, with many curtseys.

P.s. A small interview.

(Another old painting from 2009 for Lifetime Collective.)

Wednesday 13 April 2011


Yesterday, 12th of April, my small company turned one year old. Company, where only I work and where I only work with illustration. (Thank you mum for making my bookkeeping and tax reports!) Little I knew a year ago, but it became all possible. There has been so many heart-touching persons, always interesting commissions, long conversations, very few phone calls but thousands of emails over the seas, mountains, oceans, wilderness. Through all the seasons and weather. And it all has made me so happy. Deeply I thank every one of you who has been there supporting me with commissions, orders, emails, letters, parcels, comments or lately even saying hello in the towns that I walk or bicycle. Thank you, thank you so much.

It has been wonderful and I make my best to do it again this year. With you.

Dear Jill made a small interview with me and I painted a little something about what I saw that day.

These photos are from August 2007, after my last summer in Iceland. The first one is from my grandparents´ garage which never saw a car, but a lot of strawberries. The other ones are from my home town, the three last ones from the summerhouse of my parents. In the last one I am washing the dishes. I wish all the places were as clean as that lake.

More days to color landscapes, to walk and see.

Thank you.


All the pictures are taken by S.

Monday 11 April 2011


Night time, when everything is calm, an old unfinished painting starts to get a new layer over its washed colors. What it will become, a new night might tell. Waiting to paint more while the spring birds do their work by singing through an open balcony door. Or the raindrops washing the air with their melody of touched things. Roofs, window sills, branches, chimneys, walls, stone steps, stairs, grass of last year. Making tunnels through the snow, melting it away. Through everything under earth to lakes, rivers, ponds.

Hello everyone, how are you? So glad to have you here. Welcome all the new, pleasure to meet you.

Warm thoughts with a hint of turquoise to your Monday.

Wednesday 6 April 2011


Radio plays an unknown language. The language has a name but it does not matter. How the language that I do not understand sounds like? Trying to imagine how the mouth looks like of the person who is speaking. How the eyes open and close and how the tongue makes the sounds. How the eyes move with different words. Or actually I do not know what is a word or a sentence in this language. It is just lows and highs and very rarely some flat tunes. Breaks of sudden. It sounds a bit like some other language or maybe more like the other. But surely the person who is talking now has the most enchanting voice. Music. Echoed with the sounds of melting snow.

3x3, Three By Three Illustration Directory with the painting Heterochromia. (Left page image by Katrina Kopeloff.)

Warm cloudy day greetings to all dear you.

Friday 1 April 2011


This small house is cleaned from winter´s dust, windows of it have been washed and polished and new carpets put on the floor. Some oil on the gears and chains and the trip with spring can start. Which curvy forest roads will we head to? Smoke from the chimney and laundry drying on the roof, those will be the only signs we leave behind. Every evening a new landscape to fall asleep with.

Yesterday, a blackbird was singing his stories in a birch forest. Hello cloudy first of April!

A blueberry pie is in the oven. Would you like to come for a piece and a cup of tea? Thank you, thank you so much for visiting this small weather diary and giving me so many kind words.

Warm thoughts to your weekend, stay well.


(An old painting for Lifetime Collective from December 2009.)