Sunday 30 January 2011


Mr. Sun was shining on Friday in his well rested clothes of gold and glimmer. In the old neighborhood all were still asleep. Tiny steps on snow. Crows nodding their heads for a passerby. Secret meetings of theirs, secret language of theirs from another corner to another one. A pheasant and his tail. Only narrow paths to walk. Carefully not to wake up the neighborhood yet.

Today he is shining again. A sun day for another walk.

Warm thoughts, welcome February!

Thursday 27 January 2011


A little bit of spring with you on a Thursday afternoon break. Tea and apple pie, remembering the sun rays of this morning. They do tickle.

Have a warm Thursday.

P.s. To you I send the scent of this flower.

Monday 24 January 2011


Weekend of walking and painting. Walking while colorful beetles are humming on the driveways. Fast beetles in herds, slow lonely ones. One, two, hundreds of all colors (but not so many blue ones). Different minds inside them, listening their rhythm of driving. Through headphones. While snow is crunching under steps. Ice under tires. Snow fences up to tights all over anchoring stone fences, wooden fences, iron fences. Borders of roads and yards, forests and stairs. Sky and earth.

Once again, thank you thousand times for your comments, emails and orders, they mean so much and always surprises me and my busy hands painting.

Happy new week, happy end of January!

Wooden Fence, a painting done in August 2009 in Frankfurt for Lifetime Collective.

Thursday 20 January 2011


What about walking in mountains middle of mist and clouds with provisions (bread with onion, olives, pecan nuts, bell peppers and cucumber, juicy mangos) and then fording in sea in sunrise? I think that is a good plan for today. It is happily almost possible on my painting table.

More snowy but warm greetings,

Anna Emilia

(Both photos taken by S.)

Monday 17 January 2011


Hello dear Monday,

With fresh snow, silent winds. Clouds hanging above like laundry, not moving, not transparent. With new paths in the snow starts the week. Firewood smelling, smell of home.

The only eraser got lost. A winter pond house was sawed and nailed instead. Eraser was found. Three things started meanwhile. "Oh there you were." Under a pile of paper, a lost friend.

A letter arrived, with a beautiful necklace. Thank you Anna! It reminds of a necklace of childhood, with small glass beads. Jumping on the ground and shining, getting lost and unreachable like real stars. A small cosmos on the floor. But this one will be around my wrist, reminding of the real cosmos and the ones we still don´t know.

Thank you, thank you once again for your orders, they will be sent to you tomorrow!

Monday mint green tea magic. Frost meadows and mimics of yellow and red chested winter birds.

Thursday 13 January 2011


Just a small reminder (to myself) that under all those puffy blankets of starry snow, green things do happen. Just a bit later.

Greetings from happy drawing hands,

1. Reykjavík, 2007 (Happily walking home with a bagful of nice comics from the best library.)
2. Þórsmörk, 2004 (The hottest day of that summer, glaciers were melting so quickly and we were a bit worried if we get over a river.)
3. Hveragerði, 2004 (Walked as long as the hot and cold rivers were combining the water perfect to swim. Ate pie laying on the grass.)

Saturday 8 January 2011


The wind has changed. Dropping all the snow down from tree branches. Warming the air. I am afraid, but I think to have smelled the spring yesterday even though it snowed all the day heavily. This early. But that is how the spring comes, in steps. In storms. Backwards and forwards with the winter. I think that the winter still wins for some months.

There are two new prints in my shop. Rainy Day in A Nearby Forest and Stollinn:

— Drip drop sounds through leaves as raindrops are landing. Fresh scents of pine, cherries and birch tree leaves. Soft wet grass under bare toes. Gentle summer rain is here.

— Mountain called Stollinn is like a chair for a giant. It frames a small fishing village in North Iceland and holds a small glacier tightly behind its back. Weather keeps Stollinn playing hide and seek game. Sunshine makes it golden, mist and rain makes it to disappear.

How are you?

Here it is nap time of a Saturday evening. Then a long walk to see if the streets are already cleaned after the storm of yesterday. A bit of chocolate. A lot of tea. Lots of love.

Tuesday 4 January 2011


Hello dear Eleven,

This will be good. Filled with rowing on gentle waves, seeing new skies. Warm winds and blooming hills to climb. Days to walk and days to watch. Weeks to paint and a year to smile.

Happy New Year, Let´s make it a wonderful one!

1. My parents, maybe late 60´s or early 70´s (they met when they were 16, in December they had 30th anniversary)
2. My mother´s cousin (I think!), maybe late 60´s or early 70´s.
3. My best friend and me from 2007.