Wednesday 6 October 2010


Is it a tail of a lion which colors all these mornings golden? As quickly as it comes just after the sun reaches above the tree tops, as quickly it also turns to a more colder and brighter color. Just moments. All those yellow polka dots in the trees I would like to protect from the asphalt and a rake with a piece of tape. To make them hang and sway through the winter.

The article that I illustrated tells about sleeping and good dreams. "Sleeping is not about being lazy, but a responsibility." Enough, but not too much while being in the feather islands.

Michael and Neil sent me a wonderful postcard, an original painting by them. Thank you so much!

Lunchtime. Clinking and clanking while a parsnip soup boils,

Anna Emilia

P.s. Edit: The first image was forgotten.


  1. whenever I want to dream I come to your blog ...

  2. I am so delighted by your work and words and world Anna Emilia :) Happy to have stumbled across you :)
    Autumn greetings from the edge of Dartmoor

  3. Oh I'd like so much being the girl who is sleeping on your picture...

  4. I would love to have this bed and garden-filled dreams. And the slippers! Beautiful work.

  5. Gorgeous patterns. I adore the detail of the little slippers and the birch tree lamp.

  6. Your work is stunning...and so inviting.
    LOVELY...I feel I have missed Worlds since last time I visited here...time for a Tea and a little back tracking!

  7. I get inspired just by looking at your pictures & reading your words, they're all so beautiful.
    Love your new image, I never fail to find something from your blog to put in my inspiration folder.

  8. Hei Anna, pitkästä aikaa!

    Tulit mieleen, laitoin sinut googleen ja löysin tänne. (: Tykkään blogista ja kuvista ihan hirmusen paljon, oot ihan supertaitava.

    (Joudun ehkä tilaamaan jonkun printin seinälle. :D)

    Jaana (Pentzin)

  9. Is the painting at the top one that you'd be selling in your shop!
    I'm in love with it. If you'll have it in your shop would you let me know?
    Your blog is beautiful... so are your paintings and drawings. You have a beautiful talent!

  10. Oh Oh Oh! You are a COMPLETE GENIUS!!! I love that little girl - what a gorgeous little munchkin!!


  11. Your illustration will be the last thing I see before going to sleep tonight. I believe I will have sweet dreams.

  12. Dear Paula,

    That makes me very happy! I do like your delicate work very much.

    Thank you dear Dia (:

    Dear Rima,

    So happy to have you hear! Some time ago I found your work through the animation about a doll that you did for Orla Wren. It is very very beautiful.

    Sunshine through yellow leaves to Dartmoor, and cups of tea.

    Dear Anne,

    There should be an one place in every downtown with big mattresses for everyone to be able to have a small nap in the middle of a day. I think it is a good idea.

    Hugs to you.

    Dear Amy,

    The slippers are a bit like the ones I inherited from my great aunt. They were red, without the bonbon and traveled with me a lot. After seeing Iceland for a year they didn´t make it anymore. Waiting to meet a new pair like them one day again.

    Thank you!

    Dear Holly,

    Thank you so much.

    Dear Char,

    Have a cup of tea indeed, breath deep and I will join you (:

    Hugs back to you of a golden Thursday.

    Dear Jennifer,

    Lovely to get reminded about baked apples in your blog. They will be made here sometime very soon, my balcony is filled with apples.

    Thank you for your kind words.


    Ihanaa kun kirjoitit. Kiitos paljon.

    Missäs oleilet? Olisi mukavaa taas kuulla.

    Terveisin Tampereen tuulista.

    Dear Kim,

    I did send you an email to answer your question. This image might not be as a print in my shop, but the original is for sale.

    Thank you for writing your warming words.

    Dear Thea,

    Thank you so much (: Cups of tea and happy sleeps!

    Dear Aaron,

    Thank you very much.

    Dear Denise,

    Hopefully you did dream well and woke up happy.

    Cups of green tea!

  13. Dear Anna Emilia,
    Please let me know if this beautiful work is for sale, it spoke to my child within. What a serendipitous delight to view your work...Thank you,


  14. Dear Helen,

    Please send me your email address (here or to my email annaemilial (at) gmail . com) that I can write you better. Thank you so much.

  15. how wonderful it must be carried away to dreamland in such a nest of feathers and colors, scents of earth and leaves must sublimate the dreams ...
    the small bedside lamp without telling me she has can be read before you fall asleep but where is his book and what he was talking about? may be a distant country and warm where you are friends with a fox

  16. beautiful illustration Anna, i like all the little details

  17. i love your work soo soo much. it makes me smile <3

  18. Lovely colours in those golden leaves. And your illustration is very peaceful and beautiful.

  19. So beautiful! This is the kind of thing I like to imagine as I go to sleep.

  20. Just discovered your inspiring blog, and your beautiful illustrations!

  21. This is such a stunning picture, and the accompanying text is mesmerising. Both so wonderfully composed, with a delighfully calming energy. Gorgeous you.

  22. "Is it a tail of a lion which colors all these mornings golden?" paints a beautiful visual... as is your illustration.

  23. Dear Sandra,

    Last night I remember falling asleep with a book in my hand, after the first sentence. It was good dreams and now snow is falling.


    Dear Duermevela,

    Thank you very much!


    Happy about that dear Lanolyn! <3


    Dear Mizu,

    Thank you for telling me!


    Dear Emma,

    Hopefully you get good dreams!


    Dear Holly,

    Welcome and happy that you found here!


    Dear Helicopter6,

    Thank you lovely you.


    Dear Gracia,

    Thank you!