Wednesday 31 October 2012


Forest Cuckoo -print

It can happen sometimes, at 23:02, just when you are brushing your teeth and have just switched on your reading lamp by your bed and are eager to get in between fresh clean sheets on a cold first winter night, that you get the idea that you were searching for for the whole day. Then it naturally happens that your reading lamp shines lonely and you find yourself toothbrush still in mouth sketching fourty-five minutes later. 

Written on my sketchbook last week with drawings of trees, birds and snowfall.

Two new prints, Forest Cuckoo and Blossom Sailing plus some new greeting cards in my online shop. Hopefully you enjoy them!

Silently the first snow came, silently it also disappeared other night. Thank you for the comments in the last post, it became such a nice dictionary of the word "snow". Rain on the calendar with hints of sun rays.

Have a good last day of October, welcome November! Warm evening greetings with dark cloud silhouettes on the sunset sky!

Friday 26 October 2012


Hello winter!

A morning walk with new sounds under steps in daybreak. Everything was more silent. Tiny steps of winter beings visible, they have been busy. The wind very sharp, the lake is still wavy.

Have a calm weekend, stay warm!

Thursday 18 October 2012


One day the one that whistled in a tree, early in the morning, was found behind a window in the afternoon.

Forest walk, tummies full of berries after a cold dip in a lake. Sun shined and the moss looked warm and soft. Pillows, I saw, and mattresses, sofas and armchairs. Handfuls of berries to reach, to drink and eat. There would be everything. Dense pine branches as a roof, the hill to see the first sun rays and wave good bye to the last disappearing ones.

Trumpet orchestra of the forest hummed a slow windy song all around. 

Trees, small and tall. Some smaller, but denser ones were tickling curiosity forming a nice beginning of a path. The blue sky would not be visible under those branches.

A tree to hang your beard into. Or a tree to borrow a beard from to dress up for a royal forest dinner.

The waves rushed to the shore, the clouds to the left. Crackling fire was waiting inside with a blueberry pie. Turning bike and bicycling back home on a sunny autumn forest road. Pebbles making a nice rhyme under tires.

Warm cloudy morning greetings!

Thursday 11 October 2012


Morning tea in candle light. Yellow leaves glittering on dark wet asphalt. Like reflections of the stars from the sky. Slowly the day breaks. Small patches of pale blue sky. 

Almost a year ago, Erin Rae wrote to ask if any of my paintings were available for her first EP cover. The 16th of October Crazy Talk will be published with Tree House on its cover. Meanwhile you can listen Erin´s music here. Going Away video is like a postcard from Nashville, Tennessee where this small Northern hut in a tree has traveled. Congratulations Erin!

Tree House available also as a print.

Morning bicycle ride to the post office, who did send me a surprise package?

Have a sweet day!

(Painting by me, design by Erin Rae and The Meanwhiles.)

Thursday 4 October 2012


Milky sky and yellow leaves. The air is standing, is it the calmness before rain´s hum. Paper piles and someone walking on the roof. Whistling a happy melody in the staircase while hammering. Thank you for the new roof you happy workers!

There might be something almost finished on my floor. Is it really two years already. In those two fitted a lot of things, forgotten piles and many other paintings.

New brush strokes and black narrow lines, cinnamon buns and dreams of the small train trip tomorrow. 

Have a calm weekend, stay warm!

Happy birthday Mom ♥