Friday 24 February 2012


A small spring house to get warm between long walks.

This week some melting snow, some more new snow, strong winds, mild temperatures. Icy streets, a few puddles. Streams of running water in hills, the best kind of melody with birds singing wildly.

Thank you so much for your kind birthday wishes.

Have a sweet weekend with dreams!

Thursday 16 February 2012



One snowflake from the vast dark grey sky. Two tiny walkers in snow going to the same way. The same curves and turns. Balcony coffee breaks started in zero Celsius degrees. Winter coat on. Already yesterday so many greetings in mailbox. Thank you & ♥. Second breakfast as the day started very early. A pear, an orange, a few frozen strawberries, seven walnuts.

Tuesday 14 February 2012

Hopefully you have been dreaming of faraway places, pretty and warm things today!

Hearts and sweet dreams!

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Monday 13 February 2012


Patterns for skiing, skating, walking. For days with fox and bunny steps in the snow. For days with Great Grey Shrikes swinging on branches, hiding behind their black masks. For days when the sun makes everything to glimmer, stretches with its long yellow beam whiskers everywhere.

This week it seems to be snowy, but the sun remains above the clouds.

In January we started something new with Holmes. They will bring the spring.

Warm whispers in shape of hearts!

Saturday 4 February 2012


Sydäntalvi, heart of winter, midwinter. This morning it was −26°C, a good moment to collect all the carpets, blankets and pillows outdoors to get some fresh air.

The cold air makes people look so cozy. So soft inside all the clothes. A neighbor gentleman looked like a snowman wrapped in all his woolen things when he jumped on his bike and cycled down the hill. A neighbor girl did not see me and I did not see her from behind all the carpets, blankets and pillows and her own scarf and hat in the stairs. It became a long laughter to pass each others.

A few spreads of paintings and a small interview in Taiwanese Dpi magazine, vol. 151. Beautiful letters in their language, very figurative, filled with stories in one character.

For a lovely Saturday, long walks, reading, keeping painting brushes busy. Enjoying the yellow spring light.

Take good care of yourself.

Stay warm in the heart of winter!