Thursday 21 November 2013


Soft whiteness arrived this morning. The silence and the same time a new sound under walking steps.

The colours starting to hide.

Everything so still.

The same time some colours become more visible.

The city behind the small lake disappears.

No-one there.


Turning back home icy flakes on nose and in eyes. Fingers around a hot tea cup.

Welcome winter!

Wednesday 13 November 2013


So golden the light when it appears.

So sweet the little people on the covers of Babee Magazine of Korea. With my paintings on the backgrounds. (14th anniversary issue of October with Forest Cuckoo, November issue with Under Ice detail and September issue with In Meadows.)

It has been some stormy nights, and a few rainy days, but mainly the weather is a non-weather. All stays silent and grey. The peeks of sun today here are very shy, but still they colour everything they reach to colour gold. For a little moment.

The weather has been somewhere else. Thinking how much is lost in the Philippines.

Little smiles!

Monday 4 November 2013


Hello November and the disappearing peeks of sun rays! Hello Monday and grey weather with the warmth of the weekend of jazz concerts still caressing. Hello end of the year with still so many possibilities, chances. 

A calendar for the coming year is published by Frankie Magazine, month of October with my Morning Frost Meadow.

The new issue 56 of Frankie includes The Scribble Club to keep hands busy. Five pretty much grown-up illustrations to colour-in. Strawberry Path next to a wild person's portrait by Irana Douer, happy to be in the same publication with her again.

The cover image of little lullabying cat in the girl's arms is by Anke. Loving it so much. 

Some days the little lake behind my windows has forest islands floating across after very blowy nights. The other days they are gone. Today they are gone.

The small online shop is updated with some copies of the Casa di Fiaba book, a few postcard sets and prints.

Sweet melodies of raindrops!

(In the second photo illustration on the left is by Ilana Douer, on the third photo the magazine cover illustration is by Anke Weckmann.)