Sunday 30 June 2013


Night train towards the North. A bus and a ferry to the landscapes of mist and rain. A small trip to see where my grandfather's mother was born. The thick clouds disappearing from the island, the sun tickling, wind calming down. Beautiful music festival just by the lighthouse. Sunset by the beach listening to the waves.

Middle of the island a village with kind people, good food, tiny piglet and a goat that became a mother for an orphan calf. Light violet harebell meadows everywhere. Sunshine on shoulders, a birch branch to keep the insects away.

Traditional houses painted with Falu red, flea markets and the scent of bent-in-the-wind Scots pines in sunshine.

Afternoon walk in the warm sea.

With a friend. With sun tan.

Evening walk.

Sunset and the songs of seagulls and terns. The horizon disappearing.

Sleeping next to the lighthouse and dreaming of the times when my grandfather's mother lived here. Maybe now I understand why I dream of islands and the blinking towers.

Summer trips with never setting sun.

Greetings from the island!

And warm and sunny July to you!

Thursday 20 June 2013


Cloudy sky and rain far-away. As we depart from the dock, a few raindrops caress. Two rainbows and the sunshine arrives. 

Birch trees everywhere, bowing towards the mainland. Wind is low, but the sails take us further for a while.

The fortress is in its summer dress. (And in its winter dress.)

There, far-away in the horizon, a ferry and the lighthouse Harmajan majakka. Rain and sun. The patchwork quilt of the waves, the sound of them.

The beautiful wooden sailing boat, starting to understand how wonderfully human beings have learnt to use the wind, to built and to sew the sails. To navigate. Sailing dreams came true.

At home, bicycle trips around curvy forest roads. Lupine meadows.

Lakes that are patched with yellow water-lilies and reflections from the forests and sky. A moment of mist.

Have a calm Midsummer with a little bit of magic and dreams, small expeditions!

Sunday 16 June 2013


Strong winds and rowing instead of sails. Bicycling up and down the hills of this city. Summer afternoon breaks with friends in square markets in harbour.

Birthday card sketches for a friend. 

It is almost Mid Summer.

Cloudy Sunday greetings, melodies of seagulls on the lake and promises of rain, but it does not matter, a long bicycle trip around another lake awaits.

Tuesday 11 June 2013


Summer nights. Thunder storms and the scent of rain on dry asphalt. More sunny and warm days. Train trips, dear friends, sailing boats, parks, cafés by the sea, sunsets. Gazing the sun to rise above the city lights.

A few rain drops today make the summer to scent more magical. Birch trees.

Sweet Tuesday greetings!

Tuesday 4 June 2013


Evening bicycle trips in sunset. Emerald green forests and meadows everywhere. The shadows that happen only during summer sunset times. The bunnies and their very tiny bunnies.

Sunsets with friends. Rendezvous of a hedgehog and a cat. Tunes played by a cello. Friends that bake. Trombones.

The scent of the lilacs everywhere. Everything so rain-fresh.

After many very warm days, the thunder came. The thunder also went away just in time. An outdoor rendezvous in a ballet show. Sunset view from the balcony. The sunset city towers.

Parsley, thyme, mint, pea sprouts, coriander, dill, basilica, rosmarin. My herb balcony garden. A few pink pelargoniums too.

Summer nights that are filled with so much light.

Good night, sleep tight!