Tuesday 22 April 2014


The coldness of the first spring swim, the warmth of the first spring summerhouse sauna. Before the green arrives, the colours of yellows and browns are so warm. When the snow really did not arrive, the whiteness of birch trees has been even more dear.

Congratulations to Annabanana, number 21 of the comments, she won the small give-away! Thank you so much dear all of you for playing along, your comments were so sweet! This fifth year that started, surely will bring some exiting news and tummy tickling. Happy that you are with me!

Yesterday the warmest day with short sleeves and small train trips. The setting sun behind balcony windows with fully blooming grape hyacinth scents.

Have a beautiful week!

Monday 14 April 2014


On Saturday, my small company turned 4 years old, hurrah! Thank you so much for supporting my work by your beautiful words, orders, hearts through Instagram and just following my tiny steps! They mean so much to me.

To celebrate, maybe a small give-away could be organised. Hopefully you like the idea! Please just leave a message here with your email address and you are playing the game! One will receive the Dandelion Wishes Journal published by the Chronicle Books with some of my greeting cards. Let´s play until the next Monday evening, the 21st. Good luck!

The journal is also available for purchase, of course.

Just a moment ago, I celebrated these lovely 4 years being an entrepreneur by finding a new friend. She is red and has two wheels. Happy new bicycle trips are waiting, eager to share our future journeys with you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Wednesday 9 April 2014


Sunny evening walks in the most wildest bird concerts. Blackbirds, they do sing the perfect spring melodies. Washing laundry after weekend visitors, testing and checking coming duvet cover designs with more singing blackbirds.

You can find me now also on Instagram.

Sunny afternoon, a few exhibitions in town, tea outside, more friends.

Tickling and warming sun rays!