Friday 28 May 2010


Dear Friday,

Walking the morning in a meadow by a lake next to my home. A rain shower turned everything to a deeper brightness of a color and myself very wet. Summer rains are best of kinds. Snails, silent birds and sound of the lake while raindrops touch its surface.

A framer in a corner shop a few blocks away has hands of million stories. I tried to imagine all the pictures his hands have framed in his life.

The painting he framed for me this time is a wedding gift for a childhood friend with who we had a secret club called Mikki. We had a secret language, secret notebooks and secretly we recorded our parents´ conversations. Those secrets never revealed, even to us.

Have raindrops on roof and a bit of sunshine for your weekend!

P.s. Lately I got many emails and comments asking if I sell my work. I do, please just email me! There will be also a small online shop very very soon!

Tuesday 25 May 2010


Hallo dear all of you,

Typography exercises for lunch today. (No. 1.) Or organizing and finding treasures behind the bookshelf. One lost drawing became found. Two years being lost or forgotten and still when finding it, everything from that moment became like those two years´ moments never existed. Blue pen on a light transparent paper, already a lot of leaves then, remembering the table and the window views while drawing.

Painting meadows today for the ones celebrating this summer. Walking under an umbrella, bare ankles getting splashes of rain drops through puddles yesterday. The birch tree scent is sweet and strong after every rain. A cuckoo sings in the allotments.

How is your Tuesday?

Thursday 20 May 2010


Three evenings in sunset. Four hedgehogs, two friends. Three bunnies, hundreds of birds. An old bus, tens of new freckles painting my nose. All of us under the same sky.

That sky is just different to us. Sunny and hot here and cold and rainy in there, cool under the shadows of lilac bushes for the rabbits. I think it will be changed next week. Change is good, grey days are needed. Me and the green things outside we need rain once in a while.

I hear wings, they come and go above the roof. Now someone visits me on the balcony. They never speak there, just on the branches. A pity as I quite don´t get if they want to join for the dinner of champions-, pecan nuts- and zucchini-risotto over apple pancakes (Emilia´s name day celebration of yesterday).

Thank you once again so very deeply for everyone writing to me. It feels so good to hear from you and I think of your words many times through the days.

All my love,

Anna Emilia

Sunday 16 May 2010


Dear radio hosts,

Thank you for the stories and music that you play for me, thank you for all the wishes of good mornings and good nights.

I listen to radio a lot, mainly a classical music channel, with radio plays and talks. Every week there is also a nature sound. Birds singing, hedgehogs snuffling. Today the radio play was Icelandic, brought me to the sea and black sand shores.

My grandmother has birthday today. She also listens to radio a lot. I called her to congratulate her. She was just washing her dishes. I heard her radio on the background as we talked, her daily friends talking and not waiting for any answers. I remember how the sound is when she pushes the button of her radio on the kitchen floor. A sound of comfort.

On the phone she asked me if I have been lifting my legs lately. With that she means dancing. I answered yes, last night (or this morning) till the sun was up again. Seagulls flew above on the way home in sunrise. Beautiful weekend with outdoor black and white movies, museums, a concert, a park flea market and hot summer moments with the green turning darker and deeper in tone.

The sun just crept behind a cloud, I guess from there he goes to sleep.
Good night! Have a gentle new week!

P.s. Dear Jen listed my old book to her shop. There are still some available, even though it is a winter book. Please just send me an email if you are interested of a hint of winter moods.

Wednesday 12 May 2010


The weekend was still with cool air, a bit of rain, a bit of sun. The weekend was a cat, a summerhouse, a book, sauna. The weekend was walking bare feet, swimming in a lake, walking through forests. Landscapes turned gradually more green on my way back on Monday.

Today is very warm, today is very sunny. Today is a bicycle trip to eat an ice cream. Today is color green and today is happy.

Hopefully your day is too!

Friday 7 May 2010


Greetings from a train going to the eastern Finland!

Sitting by and watching the landscape to change from woods to fields, from lakes to tunnels, from sun to clouds. From yellow houses to red ones, from curvy forest roads to highways. From small villages to towns with modern stations. The window next to me frames everything and shows a lovely movie (I wonder what could be the subtitles for all this). Trees growing to the same direction, bent by the wind. Secret forest paths and huts in solitude. It always feels like places which are not meant to be seen. Train just passes everything.

What is best about small train trips? Provisions for me of course. Some bread and juice, and a small triangle of dark chocolate. Always tastes better than at home. Happy lunch time!

These flowers are for mothers and grandmothers this Sunday!
Happy weekend dear all of you!

Tuesday 4 May 2010


Everything is hiding today. The sun behind clouds. The new balcony flowers inside from the cold. Bird songs. The rosa thread I wanted to use for sewing this morning became brown instead. One of the rabbits hid inside a lilac bush this morning. Postman is hiding too, should bring some small news.

Maybe I could hide a bit too. Inside my jacket and a big scarf from the coldness while bicycling to the town to find some bigger painting paper. In a café from home. Inside magazine spreads from the café. Into new lands from the travel magazine spreads.

These images you may have seen earlier in my Flickr. They are from Reykjavík from the summer 2006. The girl living upstairs was hiding inside a tiger gardener. The wind hid in the grass and a small cat was hiding too but had left some small paw steps at least as the first walker on the new concrete.

Where do you like to hide today?

Lunch time, from that I do not want to hide. Bon apetit and Cheers with a tea cup!

Happy May, happy day!