Sunday 23 December 2012


Warm winter wishes to everyone! 

Thank you so much for your sweetness this year, through your comments, emails and even letters and postcards, they have made me so happy!

Greetings from very white and frosty landscapes in Eastern Finland. Have beautiful and calm days enjoying!

Monday 17 December 2012


Radio playing silent songs. Snow, more on every glance outdoors. Someone brushing it away behind windows. Small secrets here and there, wrapped and hidden, sent away. Afternoon break, light disappearing. The moment when the coffee starts to sing with steam.

Tea for Five in Sekret Firmy magazine.

Have a sweet, warm new week!

Wednesday 12 December 2012


Powdery snow. Green tea with orange scent. Pancake parties and long walks. The sweet neighbour gentleman making all the snow work, mailboxes always so well cleaned. Just a bit more than one week and the sun starts to rise again. Mid winter and blue light, so beautiful. In sounds, on cheeks, on nose, inside warm woollen socks. Pine tree scent on my balcony. Winter flower blooming inside, purple flower, like the sunsets on wintery cloudy afternoons.

Still time to order gifts from my shop or Garden of A Moon Gazer from here.

A small interview in Beijing Youth Weekly magazine.

Winter shoes calling me for a long walk, sauna heating up. Warm soup and candle light.

Have a sweet calm week!

Thursday 6 December 2012


We call our dear country The Maiden of Finland. Can you see the delicate laces of her winter dress? 

Happy 95th birthday Finland!


Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää!

Sunday 2 December 2012


Hello sweet December, hello sweet you!

The weekend covered everything in cold air and a lot of snow. Windy winter city to explore. Exhibitions, ballet, theatre. Snow blowing from behind corners. Tiny shiny snowflakes dancing. 

This morning frozen, slightly sunny light blue sky, when 14 swans in a formation flew over our heads as me and my Mother were drinking hot coffee in -12 °C outside, queueing for a pancake that were baked in a bonfire.

1. It was pink winter food.
2. The most beautiful painting in an exhibition, someone playing guitar on the background.
3. Bike Caravan featured in Sekret Firmy magazine, winter light, candles.

Sunday evening to hide a bit under a wool blanket, to read and to pack orders. Please remember to order early enough if you want something delivered for the Christmas!

Sweet melodies, carrot cake scents, have a calm new week!