Thursday 21 October 2010


A small Thursday adventure back to Ingria to the home of Liida and Moshka the cat. A small wooden house village Peri lies after a short swaying train trip from St. Petersburg. Firewood, Liida´s kisses, chai, buckwheat porridge and purrs of Moshka. Liida´s childhood stories fill ears and mind. Those stories my aunt and I recorded on tape in 2007, it is lovely to listen to them. "Now I don´t want to remember anymore," she could say. But continued to tell to our eager ears more after a few moments again. Unbelievable things of old times.

"Now my darling, eat a little bit more, then you can have a small rest on my bed". But I played with Moshka, who came to Liida through the fence because there was no one to take care of him.

For the afternoon break I wish I could stop by at Liida´s for a chai to listen a bit more about her life and to see how her harvest of this year was. Cabbages, garlic and apples. Flax, cucumbers and carrots.

The whole set of pictures from Peri can be seen here.

A few lonely snow flakes floating, have a good Thursday!


  1. hi anna, what for wonderful, wonderful pictures! they really are look like telling a mysterious, old russian story. love the simple, poor but colorful style of an old, old russian woman and her home. some pics reminds me of my grandmother and old, old farmhouses in gdr. really, really lovely and how from another time.. lotte.

  2. So beautiful! I love the colours and the patterns in these photos. Old painted wooden houses are so charming... the only things that could be more charming must be those ladies and Moshka the cat!

  3. Oh, what a beautiful 'small Thursday adventure'! I want to go with you next time, and meet Moshka too :)
    Have a beautiful day!

  4. I was a child of the GDR, and my grandparents lived in a dashka not unlike this one. They had build it themselves,but the resources were scarce and they used a lot of rubbish and self baked adobes. My parents helped them while the building process lasted. They had been in love only for a short while then, back in 1980. My childhood memories are filled with that little house on that hill, where I used to collect ladybugs and grasshoppers and used to run around bare footed on the grass.
    Thanks for the pics and your ever so nostalgic and beautiful art!
    Many greetings from Germany.

  5. : )
    it's all very beautiful.

  6. These photos are beautiful. I love your blog, it is like reading a really wonderful fairytale.

  7. Such a beautiful story told through pictures - you have truly captured a lifetime and there is a feeling of nostalgia about them. I love the faded patterns of wallpaper, the color, the light, the layers.

  8. vau mitä kuvia, oi oi mitä kaikkia värejä ja tarinoita. terkkuja uudesta kodista ja kylmältä tuulelta. onneksi kohta sauna ja sen jälkeen leivon ehkä kakkua. hyvää torstai-iltaa anna.

  9. This brings back memories and makes me want to go back in time..beautiful pictures..

  10. Such beautiful pictures. Your writing always brings such nostalgic and atmospheric feelings. How special to have a friendship like the one you've described. Listening to stories of a time gone by is so special. Enjoy your end of week Anna Emilia. x

  11. so lovely. the colors and floral and prints, oh my.

  12. Ooh! Upeita kuvia, upeita värejä.

  13. Besides the fact that the pictures are great, paintings and drawings related to it are so beautiful, really, I love each one of them, I want to tell you that the style of this post reminds me the atmosphere of a book I read and is still vibrant inside of me:
    "Daughter of Copper Woman" by Anne Cameron. It is about mythology and origin stories of Vancouver Island matriarcal circle, Indian women probably.
    If you have time to find it or read it, I think you will love it. Have a nice week-end.

  14. Greetings from California!

    Happy Thursday! I am in love with your blog :) Thanks for commenting on mine last week. It's been so lovely and cozy seeing your photographs and hearing your stories. Looking forward to what's next...


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  16. Oh! This pictures, this house, everything seems so dear to me. I'm from a small town in the Far East of Russia. I was born and spent my first years in a very simillar house. And my Gandma like to tell me stories very much.
    We were living in a small wooden house on the shore of the Pacific Ocean. At nigts I heard the waves and wind and my Grandma's stories.
    Thank You for your post. You remindede me of the best days of my past.

  17. Voi ah mitä kuvia ja mummoja!


    you post reminded me of a song by Veljo Tormis called Ingrian Evening, the link for it is above.
    Thought I would share it.

  19. Voi miten kaunista tässä ihan kaikki :)

  20. Dear Lotte,

    Last week I got some greetings from this lady, she is doing well! Hopefully I could visit her again. Your grandmother´s place sounds very interesting too.

    Dear Jodi,

    You are very right. Wooden houses are living things, waving always when passing any house of wood!

    Dear Flora,

    Then we will meet very soon in St. Petersburg, have a small lunch in the restaurant "Idiot", have a small train trip and be in a warm hug by Liida and eat much more (though not all what she offers is vegan, but she makes good porridge and sour cabbage).

    Greetings of a foggy day to you and LM!

    Dear Comen83,

    How lovely to read your words. Now I can imagine part of your childhood, wishing to see more of that hill with grasshoppers and ladybugs.

    Many many greetings to Germany!

    Dear Alessandra,

    Thank you! (:

    Dear Keia,

    Happy about your words!

    Dear Holly,

    The house is filled with treasures of history. I wish to go back to see and hear more.

    Happy day!

    Heippa Hanna-kultainen,

    Hauskaa, että on uusi koti ja sauna! Onnea!

    Dear Lelilaloo,

    Thank you! Happy if my pictures can take you back in time!

    Dear Jill,

    That is very true. And how amazing how this little Russian grandmother of mine took me as her friend immediately. Special person, a strong with a huge heart.

    Happy Wednesday Jill!

    Dear Katrina,

    Happy that you were here part of this story!

    Hae Mira,

    Takk kaerlega! Goda ferd til Islands! (Laiska kaivamaan islannin kirjaimia esille.)

    Dear Christiane,

    Thank you for your words, they mean a lot to me. I will add that book to the list of unread ones which is growing very long (:

    Dear Megan,

    Thank you for your greetings from California!

    Greetings back from FInland!

    Dear Iva,

    That has to be so very special place, all the way in far East! And by the sea, a vast and roaring! One of the places I dream to travel to one day. Thank you for telling me, I will keep on dreaming of that place!

    Hei kultainen Liivia,

    Mukavaa jos tykkäät! Vau minkä matkan teitte Hankoon. Siitä paikasta haaveilen nyt!

    Dear Diane,

    Thank you for the music, it was very beautiful!

    Heippa Luminen (pian alkaa kautesi, vähän on jo voinut kutsuakin kaikkea lumiseksi),

    Mukavaa jos tykkäät ja hymyilet (:

  21. That photo set I' ve watched before and I so adore it.

  22. Thank You very much for answering.
    If You'll decide to travell to the Far East and Kamchatka especially, so You are more than welcome!

    You are a WONDERfull persone.

  23. oh my god these photos are so amazing! would love to meet these ladies full of stories!

  24. this house and these people are so loaded with memories that tapestry becomes alive! rich lady

  25. Wonderful photos! Looks like my grandma house in Latvia!