Sunday 24 June 2012


With music and friends watching sunset by a lake on Midsummer's night. Small garden ferry floating with a bonfire on the lake. Guitars, ukuleles playing. Singing. 

Bicycling up the hills and down again. On the other side of the city, by another lake with a small lighthouse, watching the sun rising again.

Seven flowers of last year. Bonfire last year.

Sunday for listening to the rain by a third lake, the small one behind my windows. Two swans are my new neighbors.

Have a good last week of June, filled with fresh tastes and sun kissed cheeks!

Tuesday 19 June 2012


Today the lake behind windows is the same color as the sky, just a horizon of emerald green trees in between. Silent rain does not matter seagulls. Pile of unread newspapers on the balcony with cups of fresh mint tea while watercolors dry.

At home a few weeks ago, small waves.

Happy Midsummer week!

Wednesday 13 June 2012


Such sunny warm days, rhubarb season. Rhubarb pie, rhubarb-ginger drinks for a sore throat. Rhubarb soup and jam. Rhubarb vanilla tea. Fresh, spicy tastes, easy food that can be packed quickly for unexpected bike journeys or whispered picnics in parks. Last night we were hiding to a dark cinema while the darkest clouds rolled over the city. The clouds were busy to reach another place to rain, they had gone before the bike journey home.

"Chic Chic C'est Picnic" by Sessun has been visiting Madrid this spring. Meadow Picnic decorating their notebooks. Photos taken by Jessie/Sessun.

More ginger drinks for this sore-throated-one, many sheep-formed-cloud greetings to you!

(The photos are not taken by me. Photos by Jessie/Sessun.)

Friday 8 June 2012


On the way to visit a friend last night, we met some of the neighbors. They were very friendly, all had names starting with the letter i. The shyest one came finally to greet, with a star on her forehead. Her name was Iltapuku, "Evening Dress". Kisses were very wet and sweet.

"The grass is greener on your side", I told them.

How they are so gorgeous, with their eyes and kind minds. How they stand with their thin ankles.

Have a happy weekend with some greetings of furry friends!

(The fourth photo by M.)

Tuesday 5 June 2012


It makes to feel so small sometimes when thinking as big thoughts as the distances between the Sun and our beautiful planet Earth. And that, here very early tomorrow morning, we see Venus passing in between these two. 

How things could happen as they are now, that we have here a summer, in Sydney it is autumn. That we all can jump and we all drop down to the ground, no one getting lost in to the space. That there are such things as dark winter nights and nightless Northern summer nights. And how the Moon is such a good companion, always following us, showing his face to us so secretly. Full or half, a crescent. Sometimes hiding. That we see the Venus as a small black dot in front of the sun. Distances that are too long to think.

A garden for a night sky watcher, and shooting star finder. Garden for night time scents and blue flowers. A small tent hut also for a gazer of the transit of Venus. Garden of A Moon Gazer available as an original painting from me and as different sized prints from L’Affiche Moderne. Thank you so much Mélanie for this opportunity! 

Is it possible to see the journey of Venus from your place? Will you see it? (Please, remember to protect your eyes!) Let´s see if the weather is fine here tomorrow morning. Today it shines through puffy sheep-formed clouds.

Greetings to Venus, to Moon and to you.