Tuesday 24 December 2013


Warmth and merry times! 

Wednesday 18 December 2013


Winter in the North. Days that last three hours, snow flies in the cold wind. Skiing paths in forests and on frozen lakes. On the way a night horizon filled with green dancing Aurora Borealis. Or the tail of a fox wiping the snow and making it's steps invisible.

Stay warm!

Tuesday 10 December 2013


On Saturday morning a wedge of 22 swans flew over the tree tops on a grey sky. Singing sadly on their way, telling a long and old story from the ancient times most probably. Open waters have disappeared, I waved good-bye to them on their way to South. I am soon on my way to North instead.

That is why this Friday, the 13th of December is the last day to order items from my small online shop before Christmas. The shop stays open, but all orders done after Friday will be shipped after 27th of December. Some of the posters are back, also some greeting cards.

Candle lights, lanterns everywhere as the days are so short. The darkness is hugging with so many warm moments.

A few floating snowflakes, a cup of cinnamon tea and a smile to your day!


Heippa! Perjantaihin, 13.12.2013 mennessä tehdyt tilaukset pikkukaupastani ehtivät vielä joulupostiin! Perjantain jälkeen tehdyt tilaukset laitan postiin pyhien jälkeen.

Lämpöä ja kiliseviä kaneliteekuppeja!

Monday 2 December 2013


Hello December! Winter is here and the landscape is covered in whiteness, softness and silence. Children play and here and there snowmen appear. Snowmen or snow animals. Small lights appear on windows early afternoon as the darkness arrives. Chimneys on the roofs of houses blow narrow breaths of smoke from warming and glowing bonfires.

It is my pleasure to show you my second illustrated book. L'Ours et Le Soleil is a book about siblings Sigrid and Peter and their winter adventure through forests and mountains. The story is an adapted version of L'ours qui avait pris le soleil by Paul-Jacques Bonzon. The book includes also a cd with the story as a musical fairy tale performed by Domitille and Amaury de Crayencour. Published together by naïve and Jacadi in French.

Secrets of forests in the snow.

A long journey with new friends.

The wintery landscape and the sun shining so low, until it disappears completely. A few festive dresses by Jacadi.

A story for the small and a bit older too. The book is available through Amazon and here too. Hopefully you enjoy it!

What a lovely weekend it has been with friends. Takk  to everyone around! Last night a winter storm was knocking on the windows and this morning many trees seemed to be fallen. Wishing that the weather freezes the ground quickly so the trees with their roots can manage through the strong winter winds.

Happy December playing in the snow, stay warm!

(The design of the book cover by Jacadi & naïve, the 4th and 5th photo by Jacadi & naïve.)