Friday 22 July 2011


Back in the town from the strawberry fields. Hot days with long bicycle rides. Drawing and painting in the sounds of thunder. In scent of mint and lavender. Last night, (after sitting in front of a fireplace with friends,) lightnings behind clouds turned them very bright pink. No sound. Reading in the balcony, waiting the rain. No rain, just lightnings in silence of the night. Sparrows.

Someone kind is getting married tomorrow in France. She gets an unplanned wedding bouquet, found next to another painting.

Blue skied weekend greetings!

P.s. Another wedding gift.

Monday 18 July 2011


Soapwort fills the warm summer wind. It is a bit like jasmine, a small slice of soap and melted sugar together, its scent. Even though the fields are full of big strawberries here, nothing wins tiny wild strawberries in forests, growing on the sunniest spots. Riding a ferry over a lake to the other side, nothing could have been calmer than that lake yesterday.

Illustrations about siblings and their feelings towards each other to Kaksplus magazine (7/2011). It must not be always easy to be in the middle and look to both sides the same time.

It is July, but the clouds look more and more like August. Also the wind in birch, alder and maple tree leaves sounds more like full summer, not like in the beginning anymore. Closing eyes and imagining how the creature with that sound could look like. Huge but kind. Very kind.

Thank you for coming here.

Greetings from forest paths.

Thursday 14 July 2011


Breakfast, lunch, dinner, straight from fields and forests to mouth. Mushrooms, berries, fresh herbs.

Raindrops on the roof with dreams at nighttimes. Wind in leaves and hay. The sun glimmering on everything.

A dreamcatcher, inspired by beautiful Jenny, while waiting and playing with an eight-weeks-old puppy. He carried cones and liked my woolen socks. Thread that was used to tie mail together fifty years ago when it was delivered only to one house in this village.

Pink sunsets. Turning head for new fragile flower scents.

Sunday 10 July 2011


22 pm, after a hot day. A crane singing in the woods. A small duck swimming middle of the high grass. The forest pond is like a mirror.

Summer greetings from a night swimmer.

Tuesday 5 July 2011


A dream last night about walking in a desert. All around was sand, it was night time. It was calm and perfectly cool air. A perfect walk. High on a narrow path of a sand hill. Down in a valley was a white lighthouse. It was very simple, but massive, no windows, just white painted stone. A moon was over it, an exotic crescent laying on its back. The sky was cyan. White lighthouse, pastel sand, lemon juice colored moon. It was so peaceful and so beautiful to look at the lighthouse from above. I wonder how small I had felt if being down in the valley. Next to the lighthouse.

Where could this exotic peaceful scenery be? In a place where the moon looks different than here, that is the only clue. And why a lighthouse in a desert? Neither sea nor water in sight.

Funnily after that dream I still felt like many questions were solved. Many new thoughts.

A drawing of mine in a hand painted-sewn-and-printed tote bag for KVTL. "Mommy does not manage it all."

A bit of colder days, time to breath a bit more freely with new paintings.

Happy afternoon break greetings with a cup of orange green tea.

Friday 1 July 2011


A bit of Friday greetings with distant drums of thunder to you.

Half melt dark chocolate by a shore in sunset, while trees behind got dark, but the lake still had lights on. Dreaming of boats, watching boats, listening a story about a boat. A house drifting from a shore to another.

Many paintings in June. Happy July!

Happy weekend.