Sunday 30 September 2012


Black landscape to bicycle in the evening to a summerhouse. Rain looked in the light of my bicycle like snow. Long white lines from the sky. In the morning all the tones of yellow in aspen trees. Light playing and colouring them in neon, in earth and transparent tones. A morning swim of a moose calf, passing the dock and vanishing behind the lake tule.

Raking a bit, colouring the landscape back to green from all the yellows. This morning the rain greeted and the ground was yellow again. Nature likes its own order better. I like it too. First small dots of yellow all over, then a thick carpet.

Have a sweet new week!

Tuesday 25 September 2012


Mushrooms all over. All size and colours. Some hiding with their colours, some waving with their brightness. Baskets, pockets, bags and hands full. Buckets of apples. Chilly autumn air that is filled with scent of apples and cinnamon.

Bicycle Caravan to friends. Available as a bit smaller print in my shop, too. 

How lovely to get home after long walks and bicycle trips, to feel the warmth of home while stepping in. To get nose and hands warm again and turn on lights. The mornings are traveling further, they come later. The traveling birds too, migrating. Imagining suitcases to them with swimsuits and beach towels. Au revoir, see you next year the winged ones!

Stay warm, have a calm week!

Thursday 20 September 2012


Oh, those rattling yellow leaves of aspen. Swimming under a starry night at a summerhouse. A lonely swan flying.  Sounds of firewood. A blueberry pie. 

Sunny autumn greetings!

Friday 14 September 2012


First glittering frost over roofs and grass early this morning. Many beautiful starry nights to wonder what are there behind our stars. Trying to learn new constellations. Hundreds of years ago, how did it feel to sail in the sea and navigate towards the North Star, to home.

Greetings from my painting table. A sketch from the summer and a detail of a painting to it. Many orders packed too, thank you so much! They will be sent today.

Have a warm and calm weekend!

Sunday 9 September 2012


From dark to light green. All the different colours and their different levels in autumn forests now. Purple, yellow, red, orange are also appearing every day stronger. Wind rattles the leaves in a different melody. Plays them like different instruments. 

Lingonberries so sweet and carpets of moss so soft to sit on and touch. On a small moss covered rock, the last Twinflowers with their gentle scent. Magpies and their songs up in the blue sky.

Starry skied Sunday evening greetings from my balcony, wrapped in a blanket, have a good new week!

Tuesday 4 September 2012


An easy way to travel is to look up to the sky. To see the clouds chasing each others, to see the stars to blink even they are stone and gas up in the space, far away. To see airplanes flying and the flapping wings of birds. Dragonflies, so many these days, with their glimmering bronze wings in the sun. Lost balloons and a yellow leaf of this autumn whirling in the wind.

Two photos through my windows of these yellow autumn days, one photo (detail) of a painting Adventure on A Windy Day, available at BSDA.

Warm golden moments, happy September!