Wednesday 24 August 2016


More summer trips, caravan journeys, nights in a tent, long walks. This summer is so sweet. Friends are so sweet.

When I started six years ago as an entrepreneur, I had no clue how to manage. No-one has, I guess. Slowly I was contacted by amazing people and I was always surprised. I still am. Thank you all and everyone for your comments, emails, letters, postcards, inquiries and warm words. Now that I am back at work on full speed and the summer starts to turn to an end but still continuing, I think a lot how things are. They are so sweet. All the things.

Thank you, thank you!

One of the most sweet thing is Red Cap Cards. Carrie, Hal and Arlo have believed in my work lasting for more than twenty different greeting cards. And this summer there is something very special, which is now available. The Summer Collection consist of three new greeting cards with foil, three wrapping paper and two notebooks with foil from each talented: Becca Stadtlander, Kelsey Garrity Riley, Carolyn Gavin, Kate Pugsley, Dinara Mirtalipova, Yelena Bryksenkova and me. Violet Birdy, White Calendula and April Bouquet can be seen and purchased here and they are also available for wholesale.

You can see more here and hereHope you enjoy them!

And thank you so much darling Red Cap Cards!

All the photos by Red Cap Cards.

P.s. A little video of making it alive by Red Cap Cards. Loving this dancing team!