Wednesday 15 January 2014


Winter finally arrived. Frost sharply biting nose and cheeks, colouring them red. After snow the sun came. So orange, shining still so low. The sky so blue. 

The snow making a new melody and rhythm. Balcony windows frozen, today I drew a small window to the frozen garden.

A small book published last year with poems by Anna-Mari Kaskinen and my illustrations.

Moonshines, starry nights!


Heippa! Vuoden lopulla julkaistiin Anna-Mari Kaskisen runokirja kuvituksillani, Lohdutuksen polulla.

Kuutamoita ja tähtösiä!

Thursday 9 January 2014


It is very unusual to have no snow in January. Some trees are making buds of spring. Some of the migrating birds have not left. It feels strange to discover the landscape in such a long autumn coat. 

Lovely moments with friends from close and far.

The weekend might bring our usual January weather. My skis are ready!

Wishes of snowflakes, have a beautiful day and a calm weekend!

(The same lake house in December 2012.)

Friday 3 January 2014


Hello January, hello 2014!

How has your year started?

Dreaming of snow and cold biting chins. Where has our winter gone? Dreaming of skiing with my new skis and skating, like in the photos from the North a few weeks back.

A new year, filled with happiness, many smiles too already. 

Wishing everyone warm puddles to swim, new flavours to taste, hundreds of kilometres to walk, long hugs and tables surrounded by dear friends and a little bit of adventures.

Happy New Year!