Tuesday 20 November 2012


It has been such a long mild autumn taking space from the winter, even the first snow already was here and left as silently as it came in one night. The lake is reflecting the morning colour of the sky, today some pale grey with little bumps of waves. A little wind waving the last rowen berries. Everyday routine, four to six Common Pheasants walking sneakingly around behind windows, usually queuing behind each others. From bush to bush, a nap in between under pine trees.

Last night sweet Freya sent me a story about her boyfriend´s birthday gift. It was the portrait of the two of them that I painted last month. The story made me so happy, including some coincidences in the middle of Amsterdam, but also a lot of warm feelings. Thank you Freya for telling the story and for the photo!

A hint of light blue on the sky, bicycle ride greetings!

(The second image is by Freya.)

Monday 12 November 2012


Wind singing in a chimney in the East Finland. Small early winter storm. Heaps of melting snow here and there, the ground has the same colours as the wool on my knitting needles, small earthy dots on natural white. Fire crackling.

Beavers are trying to build their home to one of the creeks close to the surrounding forests and fields. Such delicate work of branches, moss and clay.

Thank you to Design*Sponge for featuring my new items in my small online shop!

Thank you also to everyone of you for writing to me, for your orders and kind words! So happy.

The two pictures above are small details of a painting that I painted not that long ago of a sweet couple. Smiling greetings to London!

Happy new week, calm moments and first scents of hot apple juice with cinnamon!