Wednesday 27 February 2013


Hiirenkorvilla, we call the little buds on branches as ears of a mouse. Spring inside, sunny outside. The sound of melting snow on window sills. Yesterday the wind turned.

Happy afternoon coffee break greetings!

Monday 25 February 2013


Little rays of sunshine on the ice, green and red on my paint brushes. Lunch time soup boiling as lime green and broccoli green, coconut white, yellow bell pepper. With touches of thyme of last summer.

A little peek of last Monday, how a new spring week started on a window display by the rapids of Tammerkoski and in closeness of the city chimneys.

Calm and sweet last days of February!

Thursday 14 February 2013


Darling friends, I have the pleasure to invite you to my small exhibition about posters made of my paintings to a lovely boutique Design Boulevard here in Tampere. From the 18th of February until the 16th of March, 2013. Welcome! 

Thank you so much sweet Karita for this possibility!

Have a beautiful Valentine's Day! Thank you all friends near and far for the moments together (in Finland Valentine's Day is celebrated more as a day for friendship)!


Rakkaat ystävät, tervetuloa pieneen näyttelyyni Tampereen Design Boulevardille, jossa on esillä ja myynnissä maalauksistani tehtyjä julisteita. 18.2.-16.3.2013. Tervetuloa!

Kiitos suloinen Karita!

Lempeää ystävänpäivää ja kiitos kaikille ystäville lähellä ja kaukana yhteisistä hetkistä!

(Exhibition flyer design by Karita.)

Monday 11 February 2013


Muscari, helmililja, pearl lily, grape hyacinth. Filling the air with its mysterious and sweet scent.

Warming parcels from South-East and South-West. Thank you so much dear ones!

New snow landing, sketch book open, tea water boiling, the grape hyacinth bowing towards windows.

Wishing you a good Monday.

Sunday 3 February 2013


In the pool, while swimming, the sun rays were glimmering. Outside snow was sparkling. The sun warmed through windows and the water was turquoise.

Surprise visitors from behind a sea, beautiful music and long breakfasts. Many smiles.

Happy February! Helmikuu, Pearl Month. Helmikuu helistää, February rattles. February is the coldest month in Finland. Pearls appear on tree branches as the sun starts to shine more, it warms and melts the snow to raindrops and the evening cold freezes them again. Ice pearls are hanging on all tree branches.

Have a sweet beginning for the new week!