Friday 1 October 2010


Hello dear October,

Lovely to have you here.

Sounds of woolen socks on the wooden floor. Mist covering everything. Would it be like this to live in a glass of soya milk? Mornings with candles, evenings with candles. Paint strokes on a light blue background. Light pink, turquoise and brown.

Finishing some paintings, bicycling to the post office to send orders, going to search for a vanilla colored white wool, heading to a summerhouse nearby with my family, knitting that wool (hopefully) to a hat to keep ears warm.

How are you?

October wishes, weekend wishes, warm thoughts,

Anna Emilia

P.s. Mama, keep your eyes closed till Monday as this is your birthday card!


  1. oh it sounds like a perfect weekend ahead of you. i'm so happy it's october! today is my mum's birthday :) wish you the best weekend! <3

  2. is what your floor sings under your socks?

  3. Beautiful painting you did. I'm hearing your woolen socks on wooden floor, these tiny description are the best way to get closer to something or someone. Have a wonderful end of week!

  4. Disfrutar del mes de octubre. ¡¡Preciosas ilustraciones!!

  5. voi, miten ihana synttärikortti sun äidilles! onnea sille mun puolestakin. :) ja viikonloppu sunnitelmat kuulostaa myös hyviltä! syksy terkkuja annalle jenkeistä!

  6. Me too please, sounds yummy! Gorgeous image! Happy October to you :)

  7. Dear Sandra,

    Hopefully your mother had a good birthday! And you, you must be having the nicest days ahead! <3


    Dear Arrosoir (Sandra too!),

    May be so.The floor had gathered dust and this morning it shines and sings again.


    Dear Flora,

    Thank you. Those socks were black that you heard. Today they are light blue. They make a longer and deeper sound as they are a bit too big. But as warm and soft.

    Have a good Wednesday sweet Flora!


    Dear Jane,

    Thank you! Happy October to you too!


    Dear Sonia,

    Moltes gràcies!

    Tu també!


    Dear Ulrika,

    Thank you so much!

    Happy October Ulrika!


    Kultainen Jenna,

    Kiitos. Viikonloppu oli hieno ja tämä viikko taas niin kultaisen aurinkoinen. Toivottavasti sinullakin siellä!


    Dear Melski,

    A raspberry cake was a blueberry pie, but that was all right (: Hopefully you could find a piece too!

    Happy October!