Wednesday 29 August 2012


Hello from my painting table. 

Turquoise, clover red, puffy dandelion white and forests of greens are filling this table. A small clinging sound as the brush is cleaned in an empty jam jar and comforting melodies of boiling water, as a teapot is filled. Today, Sakura green tea and adventures of drawing small wooden houses. The colder air of autumn makes this spot at home even more precious.

Blossom SailingA small boat ready for an afternoon trip on a lake. Sun glimmering, nearby meadow sending greetings as flying leaves and flowers. Water in the lake is perfect for a small swim. 

Sweet Kate from BSDA asked me to join her art show of original artworks. There are six pieces for sale for six weeks. You can find all the works here with some more pictures. The two paintings in this post are included. There is also a small interview. You can find BSDA also here. Hopefully you enjoy them!

Wild Strawberries. Clovers, Forget-Me-Nots and Cow Vetches are covering small white flowers of wild strawberries on a clearing. Still need to wait a bit for the sun-kissed, red-cheeked berries to come.

All the works are from this year and signed and sent by me from Finland. On soft cotton paper, by watercolors and some small drops of white acrylic paint. With a lot of love, many long walks and thoughts and many pots of tea.

Thank you so much Kate for this opportunity!

Today is one of those mornings when the small lake behind my window is completely silent and reflects the same colors and forms than above the horizon. Pine trees, trees of a city garden, a corner of a field. Towers of this city. A perfect beginning for new stories to happen. A perfect morning for anything.

Warm smiles and happy last days of August! Thank yo so much for your visits and kind words!

Tuesday 21 August 2012


Sunny and warm days turning to cold breezes and puffy white clouds of breathing in the evenings. Still some summer birds singing. Hay done in the nearby field, meadow blooming in light purple flowers. Rowen berries getting darker orange and red. Balcony door still open, though the first hours of the morning a bit shivering. Eagerness of autumn arriving. The darkness of the evenings wrapping its comfort around everything. Blinking stars.

Three Nightingales to dear friends that married and did it so beautifully.

Late morning tea greetings!

P.s. Four prints left of Morning Frost Garden.

Tuesday 14 August 2012


Hello from under a bright blue sky. Such beautiful days for the summer to start to wave a slow good-bye. Starry nights, crescent of the Moon hiding low and yellow. Stars that wave from the darkening sky. Then the needles of the Sun in the morning pinching again. A farm wedding, long car rides, raspberries from an allotment garden and beautiful concerts. Swimming, blueberries, bonfires.

Last week the photo above arrived. It is taken by Liesl and of her own arm. With a drawing of mine tattooed on it, a commission of this drawing. A sweet girl that carries a small forest with her.

How are you?

Wind in the birch tree leaves, have a good day!

(The photo is by Liesl. Thank you Liesl for asking the permission and buying the copyright to use my drawing.)

Monday 6 August 2012


A small surprise party for a friend. Sauna and swimming in moonlight. Circus in the morning, some cliff climbing. Samba carnival and lunch by a lake. Flower dresses (and hats) and a tractor ride in an arm chair. Middle of an emerald green forest of birch trees and pines a dance pavilion with poems and an orchestra.

Flora hems were swaying.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday 1 August 2012


Bicycling with adventure books in a bag. Small meadows of wild strawberries on the way to swim. Thunder melodies continue. Picnics continue. Radio on for the sea forecasts, continuous melodies of different wind speeds.

In the newest Kuvittaja-magazine (by The Association of Finnish Illustrators), Apple Blossom Meadow featured in an article about an exhibition of forest illustrations that is probably taking place now somewhere in Estonia.

Happy August dear all of you!