Friday 25 October 2013


Under paintings hide another paintings.

The morning when the lake had frozen so quick that the waves were still visible. The Moon on the sky. The pink moment in the morning, the blue moment in the evening. Today it is raining and the waves in the lake are alive again.

The polar summer flora, Mountain Avens.

Happy weekend melodies!

Thursday 17 October 2013


Everything has been golden lately. Raking yellow leaves at the summerhouse.

Night storm and sound of waves rising the stones. Morning so calm, like mirror the lake. Hello clouds!

Scent of fire and chimneys with smoke. Squirrel on the roof. Swans in the sky and swimming in the lake.

Frost layers. Swimming under a starry sky in the evening. Running back to the warmth of sauna.

Patchwork of trees.

In different patterns. 

Ant paths, pulling frozen mushrooms from soft moss pillows.

Gold on silver layer.

Bagfuls of gold.

Today everything turned to silver. Floating gentle snow. Then real snowing. A light cover of snow here and there. 

Hello winter!

Tuesday 8 October 2013


Autumn, so colourful, pinching nose with some colder temperatures. The sound of yellow and orange aspen tree leaves in wind. Handfuls of lingonberries on soft moss pillows.

Forest paths so inviting. Ceiling so high, walls not existing. Shadows and glimmer of tree and rock fields.

Bonfire to make it a real living room.

On the way, here and there.

Times of ice age and how it formed the landscape.

Secret codes, arrangements. New and old. Growing and fading again.

The stories about swamps and how everything could be lost inside. 

And then this moment. The smell. The taste. The slow rattle of fire. The forest in your coffee cup, the waving tree tops.

Slowly the aspen leaves are flying in the wind and the ceiling becomes more naked and higher. Before the stars are turned on, walking the forest paths back home.

Thank you so much for your kind comments about the Jacadi illustrations!

The mist has wrapped everything inside it outdoors today. Like looking at a white wall. Slowly it starts to open its curtains and colours appear from the other side of the small lake. 

Have a beautiful day!

Tuesday 1 October 2013


Last winter, I had the honour to paint winter stories for Jacadi Paris. The collection for little ones is now available. There are a frosty forest all-over pattern and many small little winter animals to accompany the long dark winter months.

The little hedgehog who still is searching for a perfect pile of dried leaves to get cozy for the winter's sleep.

There are four different blouses or dresses with Frost Forest pattern.

One and two.

A little bit of small accessories.

Soft warm sleeves with little forest animals.

The hedgehog walking tiny steps through a forest of rustling leaves.

And the leaves that rustle also on branches. And on someone's antlers.

More soft and warm to wrap around when the colder winds blow.

And a little peek to the future with mountains and snow.

Three and four. Hopefully all the little dancing feet are ready to celebrate the arrival of winter.

You can find the whole collection in the French online shop and partly also in the US online shop.

Can you believe, that it was already snowing here last week? It was such a sunny and cold day. And one moment there were the most beautiful snowflakes floating in the air. It lasted just a little moment. Always magical moment.

Happy October, stay warm!

(The photos by Jacadi Paris.)