Monday 28 March 2011


O-hoy the sea, the soon leaving ice, snow, the small island with wooden houses. The boats on the yards (and on window sills) waiting for the open waters. The songs of seagulls, a far away cargo boat middle of the ice. The small lighthouse and a small castle. O-hoy, a good small weekend trip to a neighbor town. A report of our snow and spring development by the sea.

Hello a new week, hello you!

Thursday 24 March 2011


It has been very windy today. Snowy, sunny, cloudy, sunny, but mostly windy. The wind has been blowing misty clouds of snow from another end of the lake to this side. It is like a dance to watch. Birch branches with moss green leaves. Tulips turning their heads towards the sun.

Arctic Raspberry flowers and wood sorrels as a heart. And another heart.

And cloudy evening greetings.

Tuesday 22 March 2011


Can you hear it? The water. The snow is melting today as small rivers from the roofs, as small springs from the streets. Reading on the balcony between sketching, the sun as a lamp and the sun as a stove to keep my tea warm. The sun as a brush coloring my face. Water and light therapy.

Small people playing together. Various illustrations for The Finnish Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities from last year. Now a bit bigger people on my sketchbook to come.

Now the spring wind came. It is singing by gentle howls, bringing the clouds around. Have a cup of afternoon tea with me and the weather.

Thursday 17 March 2011


A lighthouse that appeared while the darkness came. A spring storm was arriving and we were stuck in black sand. Just watching the blinks of the lighthouse over the bay of sea.

Hiking in highlands middle of two glaciers. Wondering if those landscapes still exist after the eruption last year. The warmest day of that summer, bare feet on the softest moss. The coldest water of a glacier spring, tasted so good.

Up in the North in sunset going to see birds nesting by the sea. Partly cloudy six years ago in three different places in Iceland, partly cloudy also today.

More calm winds to the other side of the world, please.

P.s. Thank you so much everyone for your precious words in the last post. I will keep the idea about making the patterns into textiles in my mind. Hearts to everyone!

Sunday 13 March 2011


Small streams of melted snow. Thoughts to the other side of the world with humongous nature.

An evening hum for calmer waters.

(Details of different paintings.)

Monday 7 March 2011


If I could, I grew my own tea. It would be a small hill and on the other side raspberries would grow. Every day I would go there and collect fresh leaves just the amount for one day. Every day I would put the leaves to dry, just the amount for one day. Every day I would brew the tea, just the amount for one day. And that amount would be a bit less than one wheelbarrow, as it is very bumpy by my hill and the tea might spill as I would serve it to you. First morning tea, then noon tea, afternoon tea and then evening tea. And all the cups in between.

Good morning, good night!

(A painting from two years back.)

Wednesday 2 March 2011


Dear You,

Never I guessed how many stories I would hear. Never I imagined all the weather reports that I have heard from you. The detailed descriptions of your surroundings, season or the day that you have had or the day that you are heading to. I love to keep on reading this book. It feels like traveling. A moment in rain, a moment in a beach, a moment in your baking kitchen. Thank you for being able to do so. Thank you with a curtsey!

Here the weather report is blue skied, brittle shadowed and long beamed. With walking and humming with birds. Breathing the new spring air and collecting freckles on nose.

This is a portrait that I painted for Claude Monique. The story of the painting is a Haitian proverb. Tipa Tipa ti swazo fe nish li. Bit by bit the tiny bird makes her nest.

Bit by bit I pour a cup of tea to all of you! Happy spring, happy March!