Thursday 29 December 2011


A small resting place middle of bushy pine trees, a feather home. Soft walls, weather-proof. A warm carpet, summery wallpapers. For a secret rendezvous or for time alone. For one or two nights. For silence and calmness. For whispering moments. For alive fire and bright starry nights. For one night everything is possible.

Happiness to you all sweet ones to enter the 2012!

Wednesday 21 December 2011


Wishing you calm and enjoyable days.

Stay warm and remember the small animals of the forests!


Thursday 15 December 2011


Afternoon break in winter light. Tea from summer forests with raspberry and blueberry leaves. While it rains and it is very slippery, stars twinkle and the moon looks pink on the morning sky. Radio host tells sweet stories and plays melodies of comfort. Lullabying weather. Hours, feeling like a few minutes, of daylight come and go. Behind the balcony seagulls search for open waters.

A small interview that I forgot to mention. Thanking so much for you to come here, for your words and orders.

Cups of hot and sweet to your day.

Monday 12 December 2011


Snowstorm during the weekend, long walks and red cheeks. Pancakes with tomato salad and chicpea-cashew-coriander-parsley-olive oil-garlic-spread. Or pancakes with buckthorn jelly and oat cream. Slow and long music for snow, silence for the wind. Writing letters and cards in between sketching. In between gazing the snow flakes floating. A few at a time.

Packing orders (and originals). Watching the pine tree on the balcony. Walking more and listening the sound of snow. Small birds all over, eating the last berries from trees and seeds from people. Trying to learn more their names and behavior.

Have a calm Monday, with warmth from me to you.

Thursday 8 December 2011


On Sunday evening the snow came. On Monday night a small storm appeared. It is snowing outside again. Too beautiful to go to sleep. A bit purple, or perhaps pink light that the snow brings. The snow clouds. Sounds are more silent again.

Yesterday, in sauna with a friend. Swimming in a lake, like filled with icicles. So cold. Feeling so good. Twinkling stars above these swimmers, a few airplanes too.

Small simple things, make all so good. And to remember how interesting, different kind of lives there can be. Still so the same. These photos, that Jeroen Toirkens took, reminded me of that.

Pure sweet white dreams!

(These photos are not by me. They are from a book called Nomad. Via Júlia.)