Sunday 10 October 2010


One can get confused of the colors outside. The greyest tree, going to the winter´s sleep had pink dots hanging like strangers in its branches. Tree, the winter is coming and you cannot scare it away with your beautiful colors. On Tuesday it might be snowing. Or not.

A weekend of my favorite radio host playing records. A weekend of an inspiring lecture by Halldór Úlfarsson and the instrument he is building. A weekend of street musicians. A girl playing in winter clothes, picking strings and singing. A bit further a boy and a bagpipe. A bit more further a boy and a guitar. Happy home-coming of pedaling.

The most fragile, still very strict handwriting of my grandmother in a postcard thanking for remembering her 90-years birthday in the summer.

Now brushes, paper and watercolors. A bit of the cold wind through a closed window. Later bicycling up a hill of colorful wooden houses.

How has your weekend been?

Apple pie and tea,

Anna Emilia


  1. oh the colours are wonderful Anna Emilia..and they seem a lot more like Spring than Autumn indeed....I had a quiet weekend, with long walks outside feeling the sun getting warmer with every day...sewing little triangles for a bunting which should be used for a special occasion anytime in the, got some new nettle tea which I enjoy hot and cold...
    A little tragedy happened to me this morning when I accidentally stumbled over a chair on which my knitting was...I pulled on my knitting and suddenly saw that the needles were lying on the ground ..oh my, I still hope I can fix it...

  2. ohhh! Beautiful images!
    i love these colors.

  3. wow, I love those flowers... the colors are amazing! a perfect palette for painting. :)

  4. Beautiful flowers, its amazing that their growing in autumn/winter. Is it unusually warm where you are?

  5. Those are bautiful pieces :-)

  6. Such beautiful branches and blossoms.
    I love fall bloomers. They are so precious.

  7. I have tea almost ready but not the pie: oops!
    For me, there were: running in the maze, carousel wooden horses popcorn overlooking the sunset on the Seine, birthday party with singing soprano, alto tenor, and anecdotes of crazy guitar teacher, an itchy throat , a honey goat laminated perfect and finally you, your flowers that are still playing in the spring! nice evening to you

  8. soooooooooooooooo schöne bilder. danke. lieben gruß, katrin

  9. En nyt ymmärrä miten tänne eksyin. Nyt en kuitenkaan tahdo eksyä täältä pois!

  10. Hassu puu. Reykjavíkissa oli eilen 14 astetta lämmintä, ruusupensaissa on vieläkin kauniin pinkkejä kukkasia siellä täällä. Jokatoinen päivä taivas on naurettavan sininen, niinä päivinä toivoisi ettei aurinko ikinä laskisi ja voisi vain pyöräillä ikuisuuden pitkin katuja, rapisevien lehtien yli.

  11. lovely colors Anna. My weekend has been peacefull, I got some new plants and the sun was shinning.

  12. what a lovely post. the colors in the photographs and your sentiment too. happy week to you....

  13. That plant is called "Pfaffenhütchen" here an I really like it too.

  14. Dear Maria,

    Hopefully you got to fix your knitting. Today I had to make some part of mine again, but it is all right, knitting is always relaxing and even more if there is no end to be seen soon, so no need to feel "rush" to finish it.

    First snow melting outside, I keep the window open to smell the scent. Good night/good morning to the other side of the world! (Which sometimes feels so much closer than the journey to the balcony where I keep a bucketful of apples and would like to have one, but am just too comfortable sitting here and writing to you.)

    Dear Vestidadedomingo,

    It is funny how certain combinations of colors go together well when they are the tiniest flowers, like bells. These feel not Scandinavian (though Finland isn´t really) at all, but I was happy to see them while passing the yard outdoors.

    Dear Diana,

    I agree. Hope to see that painting soon (:

    Dear Jennifer,

    It is pretty usual weather here for October. Maybe it was warmer summer than usually, so they grew well in the summer and were strong enough to bloom/make fruits in the autumn.

    Gracias Alex! (:

    They make a very nice new pattern to the autumn dear Holly. Will look for more surprises around my walking paths from now on.

    Dear Sandra,

    Oh never mind, the pie is eaten here already too, but tomorrow I will make some new, so please come over again (:

    Liebe Katrin,

    Danke schön!

    Hei Pirkko,

    Mukavaa kun eksyit! Tervetuloa.

    Dear Samantha,

    Thank you!

    Heippa Mira,

    Kylläpä taas kaipaan sinne. Tosin vasta sitten kun on hiukkasen kuuraa, meri villi ja lumihuipuist vuoret meren takana. Hauskoja kävelyretkiä ja mukavia hetkiä villaa käsissäsi!

    Dear Lotte,

    Your plants always look very pretty. Soon I need to find a new house, I cannot wait to plant some more flowers like you do.

    Dear Katrina,

    Thank you! Happy end of week to you too.

    Dear Karin,

    German is always so lovely, playful. Greetings from storm and gute Nacht!