Thursday 29 March 2012


Days that end with bird songs. Mornings that start with raindrops on the window sills. Turning sunny before lunch time. Knocking on the door, ringing on the phone. Fetching daffodils, passing a blanketful of snowdrops. Naps on the balcony. Evenings to paint.

Kappacavy (10 years old) drew a picture of me. Thank you so much!

Safe travels, migrating birds, welcome back home! (Though a little bit of snow might be still on the way, stay warm!) Always wondering how you make it back, navigating between stars, mountain peaks and over seas and oceans.

Wednesday evening greetings with a sound of a gentle rain.

Friday 23 March 2012


Greetings from a huge waterfall, which flows rapidly and makes a melody of times gone by. In real world it is melting snow dropping from the roof and the greetings come from my balcony. The sun warms, a black bird sings. A dozen and a few more banana muffins straight from the oven wait someone to taste them.

First bicycle ride of the spring gave yesterday an overwhelming lucky feeling. Pebbles scrunching under tires. Speed is the essence.

Flowers of melting snow from watercolor paper scraps.

If you are in Estonia, near to Kuressaare, a few of my paintings are in Kuresaar library until 30th of April with other illustrators. Later on also in Tallinn and Haapsalu, dates to be announced.

A little sunshine, from me to you.

Have a calm weekend with warmth and tickling whiskers of the sun.

Friday 16 March 2012


Mornings, so silent, waking up with the light. Noons listening how the ice starts to melt again for once again. Breaking under steps, melting away. Streams around pebbles. A squirrel waits next to a mailbox. It must be the time when they roll their soft tails around new baby squirrels. Nests in fir tree branches swinging in the drama of the spring. (A song about a squirrel, take 1 & 2.)

Afternoons listening to new languages through radios. Reading new finds from the library shelves. Holding that black teacup once again, not always sure which of the green teas would be perfect for this moment. Choosing one called Limão. Taste of a sunny place, where the sun turns skin warm and brown. There is a bit of sleepiness in the air, the lemon taste makes the day fresh again.

Packing orders and a commissioned private painting of two siblings to their mother. Thank you to everyone for being here with me!

Evening for a concert of a favorite trumpet player, a few friends, a nice meal. A good welcome for the weekend.

Warmest thoughts to your weekend, make it a calm one!

Monday 12 March 2012


Spring comes with a little bit of drama. Sharp edges on her light and shadows. Strong wind. Dribbles of clouds with bright sun. Long breakfasts, walks and many movies in a film festival with friends. Beautiful scenes, long talks. One lighthouse, a bit of snow, a lot of sunshine. Unread newspapers, many lists to remember.

Five flora illustrations for Oh Comely magazine (issue 9) for an article about Thomas Pausz.

Secrets from the 90´s were hiding in a pocket of an old jacket. Two 10 pennies coins from 1991 with beautiful pictures of lily of the valley.

Windy but warmest Monday afternoon greetings.

Tuesday 6 March 2012


It is good to have friends who like to walk. To see the sunny corners, go through forests and climb small hills. Walk on paths, next to skiing tracks, greet the spring. See the snow forming pillows on tree stubs, the greenest moss. Telling stories. And watching how the rowing boats still sleep under snow.

The sun is warming. Afternoon naps on the balcony. Freckles blooming.

Sunny morning whispers!

Thursday 1 March 2012


Hello dear March,

Welcome spring and little adventures. The sunlight was so warm today, the sound of running water so refreshing. How can it always surprise. There have been many smiles, stories about a sea captain father, living in a circus wagon, long walks and waving to a train. Friends on a coffee outdoors, views from a sight tower and an open balcony door.

Eleven Morning Frost Meadow -prints left. Apple Blossom Meadow is back in the shop. Thank you so much once again for your orders .

Happy beginning of March!