Friday 25 May 2012


An evening bicycle trip. 

Blowing you a little bit of weekend magic and good night dreams.

Monday 21 May 2012


The weekend brought some very warm air. There were popping up small restaurants all around gardens, parks, squares and riversides. Sitting outdoors, eating with friends, walking around the streets. Over bridges, through tunnels, around lakes. 

Spring cleaning my closets and shelves. Some graphic art prints with flora patterns, three different kinds available in my small online shop. A few of them will be wedding and birthday present, too. All are hand carved and printed by me. Signed too.

Autumn Meadow
Autumn turned all the leaves to different colors. The wind blew them to dance in the air. Soon everything was covered with red, violet, yellow and orange leaves of all kinds.

Noon Bouquet
At noon everything glimmers. The wind is gentle and sounds are distant. At noon small flowers climb to the sky and wave in the air.

April Meadow
In April some early flowers show their heads from the snow. They are bright in color and look like saying "Good morning!" after the long winter's sleep.

Summer soup, one of my favorites is boiling. With young and tender onions, garlic, new potatoes, carrots, peas, cauliflower, dill, olive oil, water, soya milk, salt and pepper. Tastes like sunshine on a plate. Balcony kitchen is open.

Have a calm new week. Sunshine from me to you.

Tuesday 15 May 2012


Sun wakes me up at 6 am. Fetching newspaper from outside, the sun tickles birch leaves. That green happens only for a few days in a year. The green after the spring rain. Drinking tea, reading the newspaper on the floor. Friend knocks on the door, we drink morning coffee, talk about music. Gazing the clouds in the horizon, will they become friendly or not on the way. 

Friend leaves for work, I choose one of the soft cotton papers. Mixing a few spoonfuls of Payne's Grey Blaulich color. Painting a background, letting it dry. Fixing a few clothes meanwhile, sewing machine hums, small details sewing by hand. The background is dry.

Choosing the color buttercup yellow and cranesbill purple. Leaves from different greens. Frozen strawberries and blueberries with ginger and almond milk for breakfast. More leaves of blue tones on the paper.

The clouds appear closer, they are friendly summer clouds. A turtle and a hare at least, in woolen clothes of sheep. On the sky. Floating in the blueness.

Lunch time, carrot coriander soup. A walk. Thinking how to continue the painting. 

The photos are from last summer at grandmother's. More of those July birch tree leaves in wind.

Happy Tuesday with sunniest greetings!

Thursday 10 May 2012


Leaves in every tree are growing so fast. The morning and the evening sizes grow from a little finger to thumb size. The spring rain caresses. Last night they grew also in my dream, to sizes of mountains. The rain made some leaves to grow also here in the blog (do you see them?) and also to the small online shop.

Mother's Day cards on my table. Tomorrow a small train trip with a flower bouquet. Maybe the first swim after the winter ice has gone from the summer house lake.

Happy Mother's Day on Sunday to all beloved mothers! 

(Mother's Day cards previously, 1 & 2.)

Sunday 6 May 2012


The first spring rain, always forgetting how wonderful it smells and feels. How it is soft and silent, a happy one. How it feels to fall asleep with the melody of it. First spring rain, a mood of a kind. A mood for being comforted. 

The sound made me dreaming of the views that I saw from my homes some years ago, in Iceland. The bright summer night light. The open sky. Humming streets. Birch leaves in wind. Landings and taking offs of the domestic aircraft. An old woman with a scarf around her head, collecting all the bottles. Neighbor kid in a tiger mood.

What do you see from your window?

Weekend of biking in spring rain, balcony naps, reading, baking. Eating with friends. Listening to Faroese language. Summer plans with strawberry tastes and lime. Planting herbs.

Never setting sun, it feels almost like it already.

Have a good beginning for the new week!