Thursday 22 August 2013


Sunny days, coffee in the harbour, long bicycle trips on hills and around lakes. Wrapped inside a woollen blanket when the sun sets, gazing the small lake from my balcony. The scent of fresh late summer evenings, with almost ripen apples from all directions. The scent of fire as people start to heat their houses with fireplaces, smoke curling up from chimneys.

Here the autumn is close, in my summer holiday destination the sun sets for the first time in four months tomorrow. On the other side of the world, the spring arrives. 

The first peonies in old pink and succulents in spring green are colouring the landscape of sunshine and warm winds. Warmest congratulations to R & G in Paris, who ordered this custom painting for their wedding invitation  

You can find a few prints of this painting in my small online shop.

Clouds on the sky, shadows hiding. Colours of today on my painting table are mint green, ice blue and rowen orange.

Second pot of green tea, calm wishes!

Wednesday 14 August 2013


In 1835 was published the first version of the Finnish national epic, Kalevala. It is a story about the creation of the world and adventure of witches and nature, collected and compiled from oral folklore by physician and philologist Elias Lönnrot.

He made eleven field trips to collect the stories from people. Väinämöinen is one of the main characters of the epic, singing magically and playing a kantele that he built of the jawbones of a pike. There are also a bear, a swan, boats, the god of the sky Ukko, singing contests, a magical talisman and many great journeys.

In 2010 my friends Oliver Blank and Kalle Karjalainen had the idea about making a small musical toy and interactive painting about this great story. It took a little while. This summer we received a small fund for it, thank you for that Kalevala Korun Kulttuurisäätiö! Today you can finally see the app and download it for free for your iPhone or iPad.

Hopefully you enjoy it! 

Happy melodies of a rainy day. 

The Kalevala, an interactive painting and musical toy
Concept and music by Oliver Blank
Illustrations by Anna Emilia Laitinen
Programming by Kalle Karjalainen

(The photos are by Mr. Oliver Blank.)



Pieni sovelmamme, The Kalevala, on viimein saatavilla täältä.

Onnellista sateenropinaa!

Friday 9 August 2013


It is the sky that gives all that space to breath. Those trees that are not there, making everything to look like all is very close to you. The roots of mountains, their tops and the valleys in between them.

Then you see a small rock and think that it is very far and very big when you reach it. But it is just very close and very small.

There are the stones that hide secrets inside. Forty to sixty million years old secrets of plants that were hiding under a glacier all this time. Plants that grew there when it was very warm. Now it is all in permafrost.

The village that naps in sunlight during night time. The long shadows. The wind that does not reach anything, and comes from the sea or the glaciers. The moment when the wind stops.

The line between the known and unknown. The touchable.

The clouds that can travel to see it all as long as they do not get stuck on mountain tops. Some of them were hanging in the same place for three days.

The colours that sometimes were there and then it all could turn to black and white.

Summer continues. In Finland it is very green and warm, compared to the polar images above. The thunder storm of last night did not come. More boat trips, statue museum, bicycling, swimming. The starry nights are here. Still I continue to think of those landscapes. 

Have a beautiful weekend!

Friday 2 August 2013


The mining village that was abandoned, and looked after by the glacier. The light on the glacier that coloured the whites, the greys and the turquoises. The sea that had white peaks on waves once in a while. 

A walk to pass mountains. To a valley with a lake and a red house. Tea water boiling, a greeting message on the table from the previous visitor. Beds to sleep. Small glacier streams close by. Reindeers on the moss. All so silent. The thought about the backyards of mountains, what lies there?

Mountain Avens, a hint of blue sky. Peeking glaciers on all directions. The sound of running water in the glacial streams.

A night boat trip. The light at midnight. The reflections of the glacier so alive. By boat, going around small ice floes. Curvy water road. Puffins, Little Auks.

The silence with songs of birds. Searching for the deepest turquoise. Secrets for sure.

A night floater, brushing his/her beard.

Water roads

Night boat trip adventures. 

Happy August, have a calm weekend!