Sunday 31 October 2010


It was very quick, the book fair. Smiling. People coming and going, talking or just watching me drawing. An older man showing his pictures (of sheep, goats and countryside homes). He had started to draw and paint in age of 75, I was happy. Listening his story I almost forgot that I was there to work. I drew a small forest, kids around me drew on the wall their names.

Then there was a happy lunch in the city, two cats and a girl behind one window, friends around till the last train home. The last train home broke down, but I was happily asleep as long as it was working again and making its lullabying melody of going home.

Today a long bicycle trip in town. Passed a beautiful graveyard, there was a small flower shop open. They luckily had also candles there. One I lit in the graveyard for my grandfather, who surely is sitting in top of a pinewood tree now and whispering his words when the wind flies through the branches. Of fishing luck, stacks of firewood and berry picking. "I am just listening to the radio," I remember him saying the very last time we met some years ago.

Squirrels were there too to lit the candle.

Originals of these photos were taken by Darren. He is going to travel almost around the world (in my mind). Bon Voyage dear, come back home safe!


  1. So pleased it went well.
    I'm sure you and the book were much loved.

  2. those pictures are so lovely. Good to hear that it all went well.

    I love to read your posts, they are always so beautiful.

    have a nice evening

  3. i have recently dicovered your beautiful, gentle artwork and sweet lyrical blog.

    it has filled me with wonder and made me smile a lot too.

    thank you ♥

  4. Joining an event where we can meet people who admire us and like to share their own is really wonderful.
    I like these photos:)

  5. Oh my heart. Your words about your grandfather are just beautiful, and heartrending.

    You have such a magic way of not just creating pictures with your pencil, but also with your pen. A few short sentence and a whole scene comes to life before my eyes.

    Thank you!

  6. I just discovered your work and it is amazing. You already have a huge fan from Barcelona

  7. i'm not sure what i love more, your artwork/photos (amazing) or the way you write that makes me feel as though i'm sitting with you and learning your story. i love this imagery about your grandfather.

    and i have similar photos of my fiance sketching trees, he went through a whole lenten season of them.

  8. I love stories of older people taking up new pursuits. One of my undergrad profs retired and has since become a poet and playwright and I find it inspiring.

    I love hearing about your memories of your grandfather too. Thank you for sharing this post.

  9. I'd like a squirrel to me also serve tea, is it possible?

  10. it's beautiful to see you drawing...