Friday 23 May 2014


Many blooming meadows in summer sale prices at my small online shop. A few new photos of the prints added too.

Have a sunny weekend under shadows of trees, with tastes of mint and lemon in a glass and darling friends around!

Edit: P.s. Some of the items almost sold out!

Wednesday 21 May 2014


Afternoon walks, sunset bicycling. Heatwave and thunderstorm. Pouring rain and then calm and sunny again. Hems of dresses and bare feet. Blueberry sorbet in a park on green grass. Late nights reading books outdoors. The fragile scent of Bird Cherries flying in the wind. Hello summer, good morning all the green!

Just a little reminder, if searching a little bit of summer for you or yours, some of it can be found at my small online shop. Edit: Some new photos of the prints added to the shop.

Summer smiles!

Wednesday 14 May 2014


An archipelago, a home island. Next to seventy or eighty volcanoes, above and below the sea.

Once one of those volcanoes started to erupt during night time.

That volcano in sunset.

Between the main island and home island, a little escape island. During summer also about eight million puffins nesting around.

The home island, so pretty, on so dangerous grounds.

But so pretty and calm. Windy too. I like wind. It is a weather that you feel.

Home island.

The blues.

The good-byes.

And the quickly changing weather. Waves.

Wednesday 7 May 2014


A little spring trip. Seven years and I haven´t been there. Oh, so beautiful it still was. The sounds of water in its all forms. So much sun, so strong wind, so warm sunshine (hello new freckles!), so perfect when swimming in hot turquoise water while it gently snows. The beautiful language that rolls nicely in mouth, makes to smile.

A second home, so much missed.

And now, it is finally starting to look a bit more green here. Today a small herb garden was planted to the balcony, still thinking of ice, ocean ship travels, mountain tops. 

How are you and the season around you?

Sunset bird songs.

(Some photos also at Instagram.)