Friday 25 June 2010


Hello dear all of you,

Early morning of the Midsummer Eve and a walk while everyone else were still asleep. All silent, but the summer wind and Mr. Bunny, who I met many times on different paths. He was certainly having the most fresh breakfast of dandelions and a bit of the flowers of the allotment garden. Then we met on a meadow and I was already sure that he had marked the same route to his unplanned morning walk map.

Vanya won the give-away, congratulations! I will send it to you after my holiday as I still did not reach you. Thank you to everyone for writing your messages and wishes, every one of them I read carefully and keep in my mind, being so happy about them.

A bag is filled with a summer book and small provisions, in the afternoon I will travel 1937 kilometers away. Then on Monday some 4016 km more. We will meet in August again!

Bonfires, summer lake waves, warm forests with wood-sorrels and meadows of green to you,
Please be well,

Anna Emilia

Wednesday 23 June 2010


Last summer I was visiting my brother for one week. While he was working, I was building his birthday gift, an evergreen tree, on his wall. Some days it was hot and I had my tea breaks on his balcony. Some days were very cold and I wore his huge woolen socks while painting.

Even it is hot today, I am wearing woolen socks, the best socks ever, knitted by my grandmother. She called me yesterday and told me that she had seen good looking strawberries by the square market. "Me too", I said. She had passed them, as she thought that the best ones come from my parent´s fields. "Me too", I said. Then she had seen some peas. "Me too!" She could not pass them. "Me neither," I said.

It is wonderful to read all your comments, thank you for saying hello and playing the game of give away! It is still open for one day, so is the shop.

Evening greetings,
see you tomorrow!

(The first two pictures taken by my brother.)

Saturday 19 June 2010


Good morning dear all of you,

A brittle rain shower woke this town up on my small morning walk. A blackbird is humming while tea water boils, it will be plain green for the first cups today. Radio host is telling about the sea weather forecast in the islands in Archipelago Sea. Wind speeds from different directions and many rain showers ahead. Here a new rain shower just started to drum the grass outside with a loud sound.

Mid Summer Meadow is a small painting I painted two days ago. It is my giveaway as a gift for your kindness. It is framed in a small wooden frame. If you want to be part of the game, please leave a comment and I will pick up a winner on Thursday evening at 19.00 EEST. Everyone is welcome!

A new morning, a new day, it will pass quickly, so let´s catch this moment (for me a breakfast with a berry smoothie and then painting).

Have a pleasant weekend!

P.s. The shop is still open for six days.

Edit: Vanya won the give-away, congratulations! (Please email me your address!)

Thursday 17 June 2010


Happy birthday Iceland!
Gleðileg hátíð, gleðileg 17. júni!

Just sending my best greetings to the land of winds and surprises. These pictures were taken during the summer nights in 2005, when the sun never set. Yesterday I remembered how I worked with the elderly and silver-haired people there. One of the ladies was very known palm reader, people traveled to meet her. Once when we were in the kitchen all alone with her, her cup of coffee and milk already cold, she told me: "Hey you, come here!" (Heyrðu! Komdu!). I sat next to her glancing her newspaper, we used to read the news together, she teaching me Icelandic or we talking about her childhood in Denmark or of her known painter father. It was one of those days, when the sky and the sea are the same color and the horizon is difficult to recognize.

Suddenly she took my hand in hers and watched it for a second and started to read my palms. Telling the truth and forecasting the future. I was amazed and happy and even this lady maybe never remembered it afterwards, I knew that we shared a secret. Next year I was there working again. The same happened. "Hey you, come here! But your palm lines have changed from the last time!" she said and told me a few new things, but the deepest ones still remained the same. I am not sure if to believe them or not, but at least it is one of the nicest memories I have to feel a smile on my face.

Thank you once again for your orders in my shop, Apple Blossom Meadow -print is almost sold out, I am in awe!

See you very soon again, have a good Thursday and see all the blue and red and white things around!

Wednesday 16 June 2010


Today I hear summer sounds of leaves dancing in the wind, yesterday the noon buses played puddles as piano keys on their way. The day before yesterday the sound was a lonely wind reaching everything it could touch with its long hems.

Blooming sounds has found a new home in a small wooden and glass box and traveled to a new town. Hopefully it plays the best radio tunes there.

Today a postcard was dropped from my mail box, over the seas from United Kingdom. Thank you! It is part of sweet Jill´s Today I Saw project. My postcard traveled back to the island last week, hopefully finding its way already to new hands.

The first orders from my shop were shipped yesterday and already I got a message that one had found its way to a new home, greetings to Helsinki! Kind greetings also to Singapore, where my painting arrived yesterday to a flooding city! Hopefully it is a gentle flood and only whispers on its way.

You all have been so kind with all your messages and orders, thank you so much, I have been smiling very much lately. Just to remind, my shop is still open this week and till the 24th of June before a small summer holiday.

Later this week you will find a small game here, please come back!

It is lunch time with scents of sweet tomatoes, avocado, basil and fresh warm wind on the balcony. My kindest summer greetings to you,

Anna Emilia

Friday 11 June 2010


Hello dear you,

It is a bit windy and the first very cloudy day in weeks. Like curtains on all the day long. Or maybe a soft cotton ball cover above protecting. This weather feels very soft.

The shop is officially open now! Hopefully you will like it. It will be open now for two weeks (till the 24th of June). Then comes a small summer trip while it is closed but it opens again in August. Please have a look, I would be happy to know what you think!

Also, the website is updated with a few new works.

A crow is flying around the house. First singing next to my balcony door, then on the other side by the bedroom window and by the balcony again. Nice to have such a gentleman keeping me company. I wish that he finds a safe place middle of twigs and leave branches before the rain arrives.

Glad I feel of every email and comment I have lately received, thank you, thank you thousand times for them! Next week we could have a small game here where at least someone could win a small gift from me as a thank you. Please come back then again.

Be well and enjoy the weekend with some fresh rain scent.


Anna Emilia


Hei siellä,

Ehkä tänään myös hieman suomeksi. Kiitos kaikille, jotka siellä seurailevat sääpäiväkirjaani.

Tänään on kaupan avajaiset, tervetuloa! Aukioloaika on kesäkuun 25:nteen, sitten on pieni kesäreissu, mutta puoti aukeaa taas elokuussa.

Myös nettisivuilta löytyy uusia töitä.

Ensi viikolla pelataan, joku voittakoon pienen lahjan minulta. Tule siis kiltti takaisin!

On pehemeä pilvinen päivä, lämpö tuntuu silti. Herra varis kiertää taloa ja kraakkuu milloin parvekkeella, milloin makuuhuoneen akkunalla, siisti herrasmies pitää seuraa. Kun vain pääsisi suojaan ennen viikonlopun sateita, havujen tai koivunoksien alle.

Sateenropinan onnea,

Anna Emilia

Friday 4 June 2010


Tea water was boiling, the doorbell rang. It was greetings all the way from poplar wool covered Moscow as a big parcel. It brought the published illustrations that I painted when there were still snow and northern lights in the sky for architecture and design magazine Interni Russia.

The brewed tea I poured to a thermos bottle, wrapped a few dark chocolate cashew nuts in a paper bag, put all in a bigger bag and walked for a very long tea break to the allotment garden´s windy bench. Lilacs fill the air with their scent everywhere.

The magazine is about architecture of the future with new technologies, materials, ecology and zero-emission houses. There are two versions, a usual magazine and The Mook, a perfect bound book. They both come with two supplements. The first one is about watches and the second one is about significant people, objects and buildings from 1910 to 2010. There are six illustrations that I did. Unfortunately my Russian is limited still to understand only a few alphabets, but this surely makes me to want to study the beautiful language more.

Thank you kindly dear Yulia & everyone else at Interni for this opportunity. Smiling greetings back to Moscow!

Greetings also to you, love and warm tea scents for your weekend!

P.s. Works number 1, 2 and 3 for Interni.

Edit: P.s. 2. Look how cute is she!

Thursday 3 June 2010


Hello dear you,

A summer forest pond appeared on my desk while painting many other things this morning. Maybe this pond lies very near to the spring pond. Surely it is possible to walk bare feet and swim silently there listening the wind in the tree tops and birds on the branches. Surely it is possible to stay there only very few, but surely one can stay there all the day and all the night too: the sun does not set anymore almost at all. Shadows are short and pale. Maybe a small bonfire can be collected to have some company, brittle cracks of burning wood and scent of fire, scent of home.

How are you?

Have a pretty day!