Friday 25 June 2010


Hello dear all of you,

Early morning of the Midsummer Eve and a walk while everyone else were still asleep. All silent, but the summer wind and Mr. Bunny, who I met many times on different paths. He was certainly having the most fresh breakfast of dandelions and a bit of the flowers of the allotment garden. Then we met on a meadow and I was already sure that he had marked the same route to his unplanned morning walk map.

Vanya won the give-away, congratulations! I will send it to you after my holiday as I still did not reach you. Thank you to everyone for writing your messages and wishes, every one of them I read carefully and keep in my mind, being so happy about them.

A bag is filled with a summer book and small provisions, in the afternoon I will travel 1937 kilometers away. Then on Monday some 4016 km more. We will meet in August again!

Bonfires, summer lake waves, warm forests with wood-sorrels and meadows of green to you,
Please be well,

Anna Emilia


  1. have a great summer! i'm looking forward to reading from you in august :)
    ps: congratulations to vanya, she's a very lucky girl!

  2. oh my, what a journey you are up to! i'm excited! hope you'll have a great great summer. i'm going to put on my shoes and walk around in the city and enjoy the calm before the storm (midsummer's eve that is). see you in august! <3

  3. Heippa Anna! Sinun kesämatka kuulostaa jännittävältä, minne se mahtaa viedäkään. Ainakin aika kauas! Voi kesää. Hyvää reissua ja heinäkuuta! <3

  4. Have a lovely summer - I've only recently discovered your blog/work, but am very much looking forward to reading/seeing more when you return :-)

    Sarah x

  5. Oh dear. Have the most darling moments during your trip!
    And take good care of yourself.

    Till August! xo

  6. You Blog is wonderful and your pantings and also your pictures and and and......its great!!!
    I wish you a good travel!!!
    Till August!

  7. voila would love to be right now, out there on the branch near your cabin in the shadow of leaves refreshing ...
    bon voyage!

  8. well, we will miss you...and Vanya, congratulations!
    HUGS and have a wonderful a very far place!
    Safe travels.

  9. Thank you,Anna Emilia for the wonderful give-away.I can't believe I was the lucky girl who won this time.It has been my first one ever.I love your delicate watercolors and I like to visit your blog for inspiration.
    I am going to send you my mailing address to your e-mail address.

  10. Oh I wish you a wonderful holiday.Sounds like a long trip... I look forward to reading your lines and seeing your beautiful drawings than...
    take care of yourself..have a great summer..maria

  11. fare thee well, traveller!
    have wonderful magical adventures.

  12. beautiful little houses! :-) and the wall you painted at your brother's house looks amazing. happy travels!

  13. waw! enjoy your holiday!
    havent been here for a while, what a shame. but all i see are nice things, and congrats also with your lovely shop!

  14. Voi alkoi jännittää mihin asti reissu sinut vie! Nähdään elokuussa, silloin minäkin 7000km matkanneena.

  15. Have a great time on your holiday!! Don't forget to take photos :D

  16. I love your artistic work! I have recently discover your wonderful blog and unfortunately I miss the giveaway :-( I hope you will give us the chance for another giveaway-creation made by you :-)
    Keep creating!

  17. I was away myself, now that I am back I "stopped by" to greet you and you are away on holiday. I don't feel like leaving a "whisper", I feel like calling out "Wait, wait, where are you going?'" , August seems so far into the future. I guess I will have to bite my lip and wait. Enjoy your holiday.

  18. Nice idea. It is very creative and easy to do.

  19. all your work is so lovely. so glad that i found you via see saw design blog!

  20. ihanaa matkaa! mua pitäis jonkun muistutella, nyt olen missannut hienon give-awayn. mutta kauppa on, en osaa valita. yritän valita jonkun kuvan! minne kauas mahdat matkustaa.

    tuo seinä veljellesi on ihan mielettömän hieno. jos meillä olisi vapaa seinä, kysyisin teetkö tilaustöitä...

  21. have a great summer! can't wait to see all of your adventures when you're back. :)