Thursday 17 June 2010


Happy birthday Iceland!
Gleðileg hátíð, gleðileg 17. júni!

Just sending my best greetings to the land of winds and surprises. These pictures were taken during the summer nights in 2005, when the sun never set. Yesterday I remembered how I worked with the elderly and silver-haired people there. One of the ladies was very known palm reader, people traveled to meet her. Once when we were in the kitchen all alone with her, her cup of coffee and milk already cold, she told me: "Hey you, come here!" (Heyrðu! Komdu!). I sat next to her glancing her newspaper, we used to read the news together, she teaching me Icelandic or we talking about her childhood in Denmark or of her known painter father. It was one of those days, when the sky and the sea are the same color and the horizon is difficult to recognize.

Suddenly she took my hand in hers and watched it for a second and started to read my palms. Telling the truth and forecasting the future. I was amazed and happy and even this lady maybe never remembered it afterwards, I knew that we shared a secret. Next year I was there working again. The same happened. "Hey you, come here! But your palm lines have changed from the last time!" she said and told me a few new things, but the deepest ones still remained the same. I am not sure if to believe them or not, but at least it is one of the nicest memories I have to feel a smile on my face.

Thank you once again for your orders in my shop, Apple Blossom Meadow -print is almost sold out, I am in awe!

See you very soon again, have a good Thursday and see all the blue and red and white things around!


  1. snippets of life that inspire, once called and passed, they still travel here and there ... One way to achieve eternity.

  2. dear anna, you have such a wonderful spelling style! it often sounds like listening to stories from a little, dreamy world.:) when i read your text i got so much wanderlust!! the meeting with the old woman sounds really unforgettable. stories, which write life. thank you for your story and these wonderful photos, which makes me so, so wanderlust!! lotte.
    p.s.: sorry for my english!! hope, you understand, what i mean..

  3. Beautiful pictures! -Jen

  4. I love when you tell what happened with this old woman. It's a very beautiful story.

  5. Hey you, such a lovely memory. Now I am thinking of the lines of my palms and wondering if they do change.

  6. i just watched the video. i was in in reykjavik once, but couldn't get out of the port... that's right, i was flying on to the states, and the plane needed a refill in iceland.
    i had a look at your print. it's beautiful. almost remeniscent of hand palm lines... :)

  7. Dear Arrosoir,

    Good morning! (: Thank you for your words.


    Dear Lotte,

    Thank you for writing to me, your English is very good! I had forgot the word "wanderlust" even probably I felt it all the way, thank you for reminding me (: Happy dreams of travels!


    Dear Jen,

    Thank you!


    Dear Anne,

    We also liked cats together with this old woman (: There are many funny stories to be told. Thank you for your stories!


    Hey you too dear Denise (:

    I really wonder too and what would they tell now. Let´s keep on dreaming.


    Dear Woolf,

    Once I met an American couple in a plain on the way to Iceland. They were also just about to change a plain there and heading straight to The States. They did not know anything about this small island country. As we started to reach it and saw the glaciers and the blue sea, the mountains and lava fields, they almost could not breath and were amazed where they had arrived. I wish one day they can stop there a bit longer. And you too (:

    Happy weekend!

  8. This was such a beautiful story, I'm always suspicious of predictions of the future but am still wary as to whether to believe them.

  9. I am so interested in visiting Iceland and have been reading about it in a travel guide lately. Such a wonderful story, I am so glad to find your blog!