Friday 28 May 2010


Dear Friday,

Walking the morning in a meadow by a lake next to my home. A rain shower turned everything to a deeper brightness of a color and myself very wet. Summer rains are best of kinds. Snails, silent birds and sound of the lake while raindrops touch its surface.

A framer in a corner shop a few blocks away has hands of million stories. I tried to imagine all the pictures his hands have framed in his life.

The painting he framed for me this time is a wedding gift for a childhood friend with who we had a secret club called Mikki. We had a secret language, secret notebooks and secretly we recorded our parents´ conversations. Those secrets never revealed, even to us.

Have raindrops on roof and a bit of sunshine for your weekend!

P.s. Lately I got many emails and comments asking if I sell my work. I do, please just email me! There will be also a small online shop very very soon!


  1. Thank you for writing and painting flowery meadows and rainy showers on wooden ground. Have a sunny weekend too, dear Anna Emilia. I am curious about your online shop!

  2. This illustration is beautiful, Anna Emilia.
    Have a delicious week-end yourself :)

  3. so excited to hear you will be selling your work! it is gorgeous really and deserves to go to homes in all parts of the world - even the very distant places - where it will be loved and treasured! cannot wait to see the little online space where you will sell your paintings - it will be beautiful i know like everything else you are involved in! <3

  4. What a beautiful painting! I don't know how you do it! So pretty and atmospheric. I too am very pleased to hear of an online shop. I'll look forward to that.

  5. What a lovely description of your spring walk to go with a lovely spring painting. Your friend is lucky to be receiving such a gift.

    I look forward to your shop opening!

  6. vau noita kesäkukkia!

    on vähän ikävä kukkia ja järviä ja kesäsateita. mutta täällä on paljon pikkuisia kukkaruukkuja ja purnukoita ja hienoja puita. ootan vielä että pääsisi bambumetsää katsomaan.

    kukkaista kesäviikonloppua!

  7. I always love checking up on your blog because you post some of the most amazing works and most of it is so simple and quirky as well.
    I want to do a post on you, would you mind writing a little bit about yourself for my post?

    anyway keeps the great posts coming <33

  8. I did not intend to marry but I start to doubt ...;)
    nice weekend to you, a ray is sun and a drop or two to better appreciate it.

  9. Te he descubierto gracias a arrosoir, me he enamorado de tus hermosos dibujos al instante:Felicidades!!

  10. Dear Anna,

    I can't wait to see your little shop, hope you have a nice weekend.
    Again I love this new post.

  11. i would love that piece of art on a pillow. so lovely :)

    xo Alison

  12. Your painting is splendid ! have a nice week end dear Anna Emilia !

  13. Hei, löysin tänne ekaa kertaa. Sinulla on aivan upeita töitä, ihastuin.

  14. Hi Anna Emilia, in her litte 'let's get personal' interview on the blog Bloesem Flora mentioned your blog as one of her absolute favourites. I had to have a little peek of course and now I am sitting here still in amazement.Your work is just so beautiful. If you start selling it or prints of your work please include the series of 'Ingria' and 'daily matters'. The illustrations of Ingria's story are really 'heart-catching' and having worked with autistic children the 'daily matters' series, especially the one where the boy looks at all his shoes and the one where he plays alone at the pond are illustrated so very spot on.
    Please don't wait to long before opening your shop. I'll be standing in line!
    Best wishes,

  15. Hello Anna. I was passing by your blog and thought that i would leave a note to say hello. In Melbourne now the Autumn colours are leaving for another year, and winter is slowly coming in. It looks like you are enjoying the Spring in Finland. Your new painting is wonderful too. All the best, Ben.

  16. Dear Andrea,

    Thank you for visiting my little weather diary! Makes it very lovely to have you here.

    Just a bit more of waiting is needed for the online shop! But I promise, it is on its way (:

    Last weekend was wonderful, filled with cat paws and grass between toes. Hopefully you had a good weekend and beginning of this week too!

    Dear smiling Shokoofeh,

    Thank you for your smiles! (:

    Dear Flora,

    Thank you so much! It was a delicious weekend, with rhubarb pie and a bun on a square market and another in a high tower. A lot of good dark bread and the first strawberries!

    Have a very good new weekend you too!

    Thank you kindly dear Geneviève!

    So happy to read your words from behind the seas and ocean knowing that a small tiny island connects us <3

    Dear Jill,

    Thank you so very much! I will hurry now knowing your words with the online shop (:

    Have a good day!

    Dear Maggie,

    I hope she will remember the moments when we stood in rubber boots in a field (did not suite her a city girl that much) and the time we played tennis (did not suite me a countryside girl that much) when watching that picture.

    Thank you for your visit!

    Thank you kindly Veja Cecilia!

    Hei Hannanen siellä maassa joka täältä käsin on nurinpäin,

    Kaikki kesasiat varmasti jatkuu myös ensi kesänäkin, nauti nauti siellä nyt vain!

    Luvattiin ukkosta ja sadetta, vaan paistaa vaan. Hieman jo odottelen niitä, silloin aina maalaus sujuu vikkelään, kun voi laittaa villasukat takasin jalkaan ja kaupunki hiljenee.

    Terveisiä purnukka- ja ruukkumaahan!

    Dear Artpixie,

    Thank you so very much for your kind words, I will remember them!

    It would be lovely, maybe you want to ask me something where I can then answer. I will write to you!

    Dear Arrosoir,

    Hmm, maybe a flower meadow can be a good excuse (: Hopefully it will be sunny!

    Dear Isabel,

    Thank you kindly!

    Querida Isabel,

    Muchas gracias!

    Thank you so much dear Lotte!

    Have a new good weekend you too!

    Dear Alison,

    I will keep that in mind (:

    Thank you kindly dear Anne!

    Many greetings to your summer and notebooks of writing!

    Hei Jutta,

    Tervetuloa! Kiitos hurjasti, sanasi saivat iloiseksi!

    Dear Hedy,

    Welcome here! Thank you kindly for coming and for your words!

    There are a few pictures of the "Ingria"-series at the print shop at this very moment (: We just need to wait a few more days to see them!

    So happy that you found here and wonderful to read your words, I am very honored.

    Happy Thursday Hedy!

    Dear Ben,

    Thank you for your hello! Hello Ben!

    It is already summer here, feeling a bit early for this year. A lot of sun, a lot of warmth, gentle winds and so many birds. A small fox also last night visiting again on the yard.

    Thank you for your autumn greetings from Melbourne, I will think of them!

    Have a good Thursday Ben!

  17. gorgeous! brightens my day :)