Tuesday 4 May 2010


Everything is hiding today. The sun behind clouds. The new balcony flowers inside from the cold. Bird songs. The rosa thread I wanted to use for sewing this morning became brown instead. One of the rabbits hid inside a lilac bush this morning. Postman is hiding too, should bring some small news.

Maybe I could hide a bit too. Inside my jacket and a big scarf from the coldness while bicycling to the town to find some bigger painting paper. In a café from home. Inside magazine spreads from the café. Into new lands from the travel magazine spreads.

These images you may have seen earlier in my Flickr. They are from Reykjavík from the summer 2006. The girl living upstairs was hiding inside a tiger gardener. The wind hid in the grass and a small cat was hiding too but had left some small paw steps at least as the first walker on the new concrete.

Where do you like to hide today?

Lunch time, from that I do not want to hide. Bon apetit and Cheers with a tea cup!

Happy May, happy day!


  1. in bed with my book
    i enjoy to come back to your blog and to your world every now and then, its really nice !!!

  2. the middle photo reminds me of Tove's Jansson's character Anna Aemelin who paints the forest grounds. But then you always remind me of Tove Jansson's stories, you have the same quiet loveliness.

    My postman hides from the dog and just always leaves packages in the window!

  3. gorgeous post, lovely pictures! Not so much hiding for me today as connecting with distant places - I saw a doco on music in Jamaica and best of all spoke to a dear friend who lives in Germany. Happy May to you :)

  4. Oh I would love to hide behind the scarf I am knitting on right now...it is getting summer here and I am still working on it..well..I was thinking about it the whole day how much I would like to sit on my couch..knitting a bit...

  5. you have the most soft and gentle photographs always! are they taken by a film camera? the girl hiding in the tiger suite reminds me of the boy from "where the wild things are". so adorable!

  6. My daughter likes to hide under furniture or behind the curtain that hides our shelves in the hallway ... From my side the beach is almost deserted as I know in my native Normandy or a walk on the paths along the sea me fit well ...

  7. Ihania piiloleikkejä. Näistä tulee hymy huulille. Piileskelläkin pitää välillä <3

  8. these pictures are so beautiful !

  9. Dear Iris,

    That has to be a very good place for hiding. Happy reading!

    Thank you very much, lovely to have you here for a visit! (:


    Dear Owls Go Hoot,

    That book I had already forgotten! Thank you for reminding. That sounds like a honor up to the skies if you feel so, thank you thank you so much! (That reminds me of last weekend when I had a coffee in friend´s place. The boy does beautiful engravings. Companion of life of Tove Jansson, Tuulikki Pietilä, who also did engravings had asked to give her old print machine to someone talented and young after her time came to go. Last weekend this boy showed that machine to us in his new work space, though still in pieces. A lucky one and a very beautiful machine :)

    What a funny postman you have. I send him some more brave!


    Dear Melski,

    Sounds like a good non-hiding day! Happy weekend to you!


    Dear Maria,

    Then we are two! I am crocheting a yellow woolen blanket and knitting a black scarf too. Maybe next winter they are ready. Hopefully you got to knit a bit!


    Thank you dear May, they are taken with an old Olympus indeed and on film indeed.

    I still have not read that book/ seen the movie. Maybe one day (: Happy weekend!


    Dear Arrosoir,

    That sounds like lots of fun. Happy hiding to your daughter and to you too!

    And happy happy weekend!


    Heippa Hanna,

    Niin täytyy ja sitten tietysti tulla myös esiin. Mukavia hetkiä isolle saarelle! <3


    Thank you dear Anne!

    Happy weekend to France!


    Dear Heather,

    That is very nice! Weekend greetings all the way to you!