Sunday 16 May 2010


Dear radio hosts,

Thank you for the stories and music that you play for me, thank you for all the wishes of good mornings and good nights.

I listen to radio a lot, mainly a classical music channel, with radio plays and talks. Every week there is also a nature sound. Birds singing, hedgehogs snuffling. Today the radio play was Icelandic, brought me to the sea and black sand shores.

My grandmother has birthday today. She also listens to radio a lot. I called her to congratulate her. She was just washing her dishes. I heard her radio on the background as we talked, her daily friends talking and not waiting for any answers. I remember how the sound is when she pushes the button of her radio on the kitchen floor. A sound of comfort.

On the phone she asked me if I have been lifting my legs lately. With that she means dancing. I answered yes, last night (or this morning) till the sun was up again. Seagulls flew above on the way home in sunrise. Beautiful weekend with outdoor black and white movies, museums, a concert, a park flea market and hot summer moments with the green turning darker and deeper in tone.

The sun just crept behind a cloud, I guess from there he goes to sleep.
Good night! Have a gentle new week!

P.s. Dear Jen listed my old book to her shop. There are still some available, even though it is a winter book. Please just send me an email if you are interested of a hint of winter moods.


  1. i used to listen to the radio when i was younger, but these days i don't listen to it all. reading your words makes me want to return to the radio.

  2. I hear the sounds of nature: a singing bird, little run rabbit, flight of blackbirds and also a few violins and a flute, oboe, oh and also ...
    Yes it works well your radio!
    (What a nice complicity on its common with your grandmother: Happy Birthday to her from France)

  3. Dear Anna thank you for your visit on my blog and the nice words you left behind.
    I love to sit in my kitchen, drinking coffee and listening to the radio,the music,the conversations,the news.
    The radiopost I listen to calls Klara :

    I hope you have a very good week to

    p.s.: They say the weather is getting better this week : )

  4. Dear Anna Emilia, I like when you talk about your grand mother. It's very touching. Have a musical and sweet week !

  5. How amazing... such a small and delicate object that you have made has had me thinking for 24 hours about a "what if" scenario. What if we lived in a world where we could have a radio just like we do now, but instead of it having only the usual stations, it would also have stations for sounds that we love. Sounds we would have been putting "into" our own personal radio. For example, the birds I hear on my hike, my favorite beach, etc., but also sounds that we have heard before: a happy conversation we once had with someone, the laughter and giggles of my children, the long conversations I had with my Grandmother Olga, the stories my mother read to me. I enjoyed seeing your radio, thanks for the 24 hours, & thank you for your sweet note the other day.

  6. oh anna..
    so beautiful the radio and also the wee houses on birch-legs! I just visitied your blog again after long busy pause. So refreshing to see all those lovely spring colors on your page! I wish I had the radiostation you listen to!
    Many warm sunny greetings from green, pink and yellow Edinburgh

  7. Dear Anna Emilia,
    I have a little Tivoli radio next to my bed and sort of the first thing I do when I wake up (sometimes even with closed eyes) is switch the button to put it on...I am listening to classic radio, a nice classical channel here..I love to start my mornings like this..somehow especially sunday mornings...
    I love the little radio you made...and the words you wrote which are full of life...

  8. Wonderful sound, on flowery ground ;o)
    I just love this idea!

    Soundful regards to Finland, dear Anna Emilia

  9. I love listening to radio! There are still a couple of shows I enjoy listening to unwind myself. Have a wonderful day!

  10. besides loving everything about your work, i especially love how you paint the sticks you use in these amazing little pieces!

  11. Dear Jennifer,

    It might be very refreshing for a change to let someone else to choose the songs or the subjects of talks or then just be a silent background company.

    Happy evening!


    Thank you dear Arrosoir! Happy if my radio is tuned all the way to France too (:

    I will tell your greetings to my grandmother, I am sure she will be very happy about them!


    Dear Lotte,

    I listened to Klara! It sounds very nice channel, I am sure to turn it on again, even not all what they talk there I got (:

    Happy moments in your kitchen and better weathers indeed!


    Dear Anne,

    I am sure that my grandmother is amazed now how many people know her all over the world (:

    You too dear Anne, enjoy your evening!


    Dear Carolina,

    How wonderful that be, there would be also sounds of bicycling and the moments when the snow drops all at once from a roof, the sound as someone comes home and opens the door and how the mailman drops a letter to the mailbox.

    Thank you for coming by and making me to smile Carolina!

    Many sunny evening wishes!


    But that is smiling Sbeen! Happy!

    You can listen to that radio here (the small cyan icon on the right) but I think for you, you dancing girl, it might be even a bit boring (:

    Many greetings to you too.


    Dear Maria,

    That is a perfect way to wake up, I tried to find a radio also to my bedroom, but still I need to search a bit.

    Thank you for coming by once again, happy to have you here!


    Thank you dear Andrea!

    Hopefully you too find a nice channel from your radio this evening.


    Dear My Owl Barn,

    Lately I started to long for the days when my favorite shows are, it feels good, almost like meeting far away friends. I know them, but they know nothing about me. Yet.

    Happy evening!


    Dear Girl in Paris,

    That is very nice to hear! Happy days in that pretty city!