Thursday 20 May 2010


Three evenings in sunset. Four hedgehogs, two friends. Three bunnies, hundreds of birds. An old bus, tens of new freckles painting my nose. All of us under the same sky.

That sky is just different to us. Sunny and hot here and cold and rainy in there, cool under the shadows of lilac bushes for the rabbits. I think it will be changed next week. Change is good, grey days are needed. Me and the green things outside we need rain once in a while.

I hear wings, they come and go above the roof. Now someone visits me on the balcony. They never speak there, just on the branches. A pity as I quite don´t get if they want to join for the dinner of champions-, pecan nuts- and zucchini-risotto over apple pancakes (Emilia´s name day celebration of yesterday).

Thank you once again so very deeply for everyone writing to me. It feels so good to hear from you and I think of your words many times through the days.

All my love,

Anna Emilia


  1. Kirjoitat maailman kauneimmin Anna Emilia!

  2. kiitos.

    tekisi mieli kertoa juttuja ja näyttää kuvia täältä. en vaan ehdi taikka jaksa. mutta ehkä sen aika tulee vielä. sitten kerron kyllä.

    mukavaa iltaa sinne, täällä jo yö ja sirkatkin meni ehkä nukkumaan!

  3. your world is so beautiful. beautiful photos.

    xo Alison

  4. It would be nice to illustrate this ticket drawings, the statement of what surrounds you, the birds around you, these bike rides ... your writing is so "visual".

    I'm like you, I need rain occasionally. And I am not understood by many people when I speak. Maybe this is my hometown (or at least his reputation Normandy) who gave me a taste.

  5. Oh I love to come here... So beautiful...

  6. you take such sweet, dreamy photos. :)

  7. Voi Essi,

    Kiitos hurjasti ja paljon terveisiä sinulle!


    Kerrot sitten, kun tuntuu sille (: Täällä on jo kesä ja sireenipuutkin tuoksuu ja lehdet puissa kahisee somasti.

    Hauskoja hetkiä!

    Dear Alison,

    Thank you so much! It is very simple world here :)

    Dear Arrosoir,

    The rain came and everyone are happy again for the new sunny days and the fresh air the rain brought.

    Thank you for telling me that you like the rain too. Will think of you next time it will rain (:

    Dear L´e Dans L ´a,

    I am very happy about that. Many greetings to France and a happy summer!

    Thank you kindly dear Tinypaperheart (:

    Thank you so much dear Irene!

  8. Hi Ana!
    your blog is lovely!
    I love it!! :D
    a hug from Mexico!


  9. Dear Tita,

    Thank you!

    A hug back to Mexio!