Saturday 20 February 2010


Hello Saturday,

How are you?

It is sunny, but very windy here. I put all the blankets and pillows to the balcony to get a fresh scent, now the wind does not allow me to take them back. I cannot open the door as the wind pushes it back. Feels like strong wind storms of Iceland.

Saturday is laugardagur in Icelandic and it means a laundry day. The washing machine is humming. Iceland I will think a bit more as this girl walking towards the Vattarnes lighthouse comes for a visit to the town today.

Layers to hide from the coldness. The cherry branches are growing lime green leaves. Storms are signs of spring. Green tea with sage.

Have a warm weekend!


  1. Thank you,
    a lot of work these days but holidays are coming.
    Beautiful paintings!
    Have a nice week end.

  2. Aw I just missed a very big comment here... sigh :-(

    okay, I was saying that :
    It's raining here. Yet I am going out for photography. I just can't miss it. I hope my camera agree as well! ;)

    I truly love the first photo on this post. the word came to my mind is "fertile". A woman and plants...

    Are those Sandra's wrist worms?! so cute!

  3. ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!
    I love that first delicate...the warmth of the Sun on your top...
    Sounds like Spring is on it's way!
    We have a good 8 weeks to go.
    (p.s. I am hosting a GIVEAWAY on my blog today)

  4. brrrrr sounds like a cold wind, nice that it brings spring in its tail though :)
    Oh I love those tones... beautiful photo and paintings.

  5. Dear Radzimire,

    It is very nice in my mind to work during weekends, just a bit more relaxed but still going further in a special feelings.

    Hopefully you got enough done! Have a good (winter?) holiday!


    Dear Shokoofeh,

    It looks very nice the walk you made. So wonderful plants growing there what we get only bought for our vases.

    After reading your words I can agree about your thoughts of the first photo (:

    And yes, they are Sandra´s warming art.


    Dear Char,

    Yesterday I had a tea with friends and the sun was shining through the window to my back, it was so warm that I remembered how a spring/summer can be.

    Still need to wait for a while, but surely it is coming!


    Dear Annabelle,

    It is true, the cold winds bring the spring, nicely you wrote it down. Still a little while to be waited!


    Hopefully you are all warm under blankets enjoying some Sunday melodies and ready for a new week!

  6. so lovely.


  7. Here spring is coming, but the sun plays a lot with the clouds and it rains often. This weekend with my lover, I have been seeing the last film with George Clooney, still as cute and the movie (Up in the air) was good. Then we went to eat sushi at Japanese restaurant ... Nice week to you, dear Anna Emilia !

  8. Hi))) in Prague, many clouds and strong wind. Today we went with my boyfriend in a castle Konopiště and had a great time. eating sandwiches with tuna and basking in running one after the other))