Friday 26 February 2010


For many days I have been thinking of rain. Then last night someone reminded me of it again. It is difficult to remember how it sounds. How it sounds over a roof when sleeping or on window sills. Or on a lake or a sea against water. Or through leaves of trees. I think it is the gentlest sound if I just remember right.

Very much I feel the spring even though it is so much snow in here and more floating all the time. This morning in the allotment garden I had the snow up to my tights on my walk. I laughed a bit there for that moment. Still, the feeling of spring is stronger than the snow outside. Being very restless. Waking up very early what I like a lot. Please send me a bit of tape or a string that I can tie myself in one place. Or I stay still, but I think it is the blood inside me wanting to go to every place in the world the same time.

Rosemary potatoes and carrots in the oven. Better to make some tahini sauce and salad to go with them.

Have a silent and slow weekend filled with warmth!
Anna Emilia


  1. Anna Emelia, I would sit with the Tea my Mr.R brought back for me as a treat last night and read your WHOLE blog through...such a calmness, I know I have said this before...but your paintings are pure beauty...
    Have a wonderful Friday...

  2. what nice words, what beautiful drawings..
    I think the sound of rain is something really nice and calms me makes me wish to be in bed or on the couch crawl into a warm blanket... enjoying every bit or touch of earth or roof of it...
    have a nice weekend...

  3. No nyt ainakin muistan. Ihania posteja!

  4. rain on a roof is one of the most beautiful music I know ... and these keys have bluish gray all the poetry of these moments

  5. ah. your paintings are so calming for my eyes. thank you.
    i remember, when i was living in norway, i would long for the sound of rain. it just snowed for so long. now i am in new zealand, i hope it rains soon to- our garden is so dry!

  6. i love your blog and gentle magical artwork.
    i got here via Fine Little Day and will be back!

  7. Dear Char,

    I am very happy to get you always back. Enjoy that tea as I am here enjoying mine too and thinking of you!


    Thank you dear Schorlemädchen,

    I wish you get wrapped inside a blanket very soon! And you too, have a cup of tea if you get these words, it is my way to thank you for a visit and your words and make you relaxed!


    Kiitos kultainen Essi,

    Mukavaa että muistat, täällä satoi ihanasti lauantai-yönä, vaikkakin lumen päälle, mutta siltikin. Vilkutuksia kaukomaille ja teekupilla kippis!


    Dear Arrosoir,

    It sounds just lovely the music of your rain. Thank you for telling about it. A cup of tea to you too now!


    Dearest Melissa,

    I wish you get back to Norway one day. And that it rains in your garden. But now, a cup of tea to thank you too for a visit!


    Dear Milady,

    Nice to meet you, thank you for stopping by and for your warming words! A teacup to you too with a smile!

  8. no no, don't tie yourself down!
    i get that feeling too, aching wanderlust for too many places.
    i went to iceland in january and fell in love with the cold and the lava fields and a small turf house in husafel. desperate to go back!

    beautiful paintings as always.

    and a happy belated birthday.

  9. Thank you dearly Donna,

    Happy I am to hear that you got to Iceland. Wishing that we both get back soon (:

  10. Anna, I, I know, that I just adore your blog;)
    I could have commented on all the post, but in the end I landed on this as I just wanted to let you know, that your blog is divine.
    Thank you!

  11. I love the bright, cheery photo! What a perfect treat for Jess's shower. Thank you so much for hosting and for fitting me in. You're the best! bestshowerheads

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